Thank you to the many people that submitted their story for the Vernon Davis Clock.
The winner is Charles McCarver out of Fairfield.
For those who my not know me my name is Charles McCarver jr, and i am a die hard 49ers fan. President of the Niner empire Fairfield chapter. I have been a 49ers fan since i was six years old. I’m going to take you back as far as i can remember. The year was 1988 and my mother took me to a football BBQ at her friends house, 49ers vs the Raiders. I remember half of the people going for one team and the other half for the other. The excitement looked so fun i wanted to be part of it. At that moment i asked my mother if she was going for the red team because i did not have the names down yet lol. She said “YES” as the red team did something exciting in the game. Ive been bleeding RED AND GOLD EVER SINCE. To bleed red and gold is not an option, its a part of life, my life. Its what God has placed in my heart and there is absolutely no room for nothing else. Im also a member of the TTC, talk trash circle, which is on youtube. Every week before and after a 49ers game, even in the off season, i feel like it is my responsibility as a 49ers fan to speak on my teams behalf, and talk trash while I’m doing it. I barely have time to record myself, edit it really good, and upload it but i will stay up as long as i need to to do it. I have to admit, i love the 49ers so much that i can’t even dedicate my time to the San Francisco Giants when football season is active. I like the Giants a lot , as well as the Golden State Warriors, but like isn’t stronger than love. I would easily give up 10 years worth of NBA finals tickets for 1 49ers Superbowl ticket. My best experience at Candlestick Park is pretty recent. Last season at the 49ers Vs the Bears game was the first time I’ve experienced tailgating with the Niner Empire. Tailgating has alway been fun but what make this my best experience is the simple fact that i was around pure faithful fans. Not just any fans but from different locations. Fans travel all the time but when you have groups that travel just to show there faithfulness from around the world, its just like my passion is being matched and I’m in a place to where i don’t wanna leave lol. There is a lot of memories at the stick, ups and downs and its sad to see it go, but my 49ers must move on. AND MY 49ERS WILL GET NUMBER 6 FOR THE LAST GAME AT THE STICK. I can;t wait.