The 2016 San Francisco 49ers season has been very disappointing for the niner empire, but the one thing that occurs is we the faith still show up to tailgates and viewing parties. It’s very difficult to watch bad passes, missed blocks, blown coverages, etccc, but one must say till the clock hits 00:00 we refuse to change the channel or leave early. Thank you to the Chapters that assisted with the Buffalo Bills Invasion.

Over the last few weeks the folks at Niner Empire have been busy working on new chapter certificates, patches, but most off all manning the Niner Empire store located in the San Francisco Bay Area. 1163 Chees Drive Suite J Foster City, California 944044.

It has been an honor to have many folks from various chapters from all over attend a home game , but most off its an amazing opportunity to meet them as they take time from their busy schedule to hand their chapter shirt over to the Rafters located at the store.

Attached is a video of the past two weeks of some of the chapters who decided to stop by. Folks from Germany, Memphis, Utah, Las Vegas, Southern California, and many others came through to visit and talk 49er football.