Although the outcome wasn’t what we expected, and the 49ers making Johnny Manziel look like a Hall of Famer the Niner Empire coming together made the pain go away. Saturday night 4X Super Bowl Champion Mike Wilson greeted fans at the Tilted Kilt. Mike Wilson brought his Super Bowl rings for fans to take pics with. He also spent several hours taking pictures and signing autographs with fans from all over. Several Chapters from the East coast were represented as well as several from Canada. The meet and greet continued through the night. As some niner fans went to sleep others stayed awake ALL NIGHT preparing for the Niner Empire tailgate. Big shout out goes to all the Chapters especially the Toledo, Ohio chapter for organizing the events. It is also where the Erie Pa chapter was born. We had visitors from Brazil, Kentucky, Pa, Long Beach, Oklahoma, Texas, Michigan, Pittsburg just to name a few. It is the goal of NINER EMPIRE to bring fans together and events like this does just that. We at are proud of all that come together and thank all for being faithful..#NOLEECHING #REALDEAL #PUTINWORK #NOMEMBERSHIP #49ERFAITHFUL #SEASONTIXHOLDER #NOTJUSTASITE #FOOTBALLBROUGHTUSTOGETHERNINEREMPIREMADEUSFAMILY #WEALLKNOWEACHOTHER