We are the greatest fan base in professional football. We are taking over and invading each city and state under and bringing all fans together from around the globe….What do we do? We put in work!!!!!! and win, lose, or tie we stand beside our team. Niner Empire brings fans together from all walks of life and together as a family. Let’s focus on the hundreds and thousands of people that come together and thank one another and not focus on negativity from media, and or an individuals social networking expertise.  NINER EMPIRE is about football and the passion we have for our San Francisco 49ers. Special Shout out to Chris Miller and Shannon Catania along with all their chapter members for the work and passion they put into this takeover. To all the faithfuls and folks that came from other chapters and different parts of the globe thank you for one hell of a party.  Although the San Francisco 49ers put up a fight and we loss the game we definitely see improvement in all aspects of the game. Fans from all over represented their 49er gear inside of Bank of America Stadium and wore it with pride.