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Head Coach Jim Tomsula
Press Conference – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Opening comments:
“The injury report – [TE Garrett] Celek, he was X-Rayed, they were normal, so it’s a high ankle sprain is what I’ve been told right now. Other than that, bumps and bruises. We’ll have more on that tomorrow. Questions?”

What did you think of the officiating throughout this game and–?
“I’m not going to comment on the officiating.”

Did you have a problem with the call on DT Quinton Dial?
“I’m not going to comment on the officiating.”

What did they tell you though on the play that occurred on the sideline? What happened on that play?
“Are you talking about when the player went out of bounds, came back in bounds and caught the touchdown pass?”

No, I’m talking about the sideline violation, unsportsmanlike conduct.
“Yeah, I was told that he bumped into somebody and that was the flag. That’s what I was told.”

How do you view this game, division leading team you take to the last play or so. Do you look at this as a positive or is this strictly a loss for you?
“It’s a loss. What I see in the positive are the things that we emphasized in ourselves, in terms of defensively with the run fits and tackling and going after those things. I see the positive in the offense, in terms of the reads and picking things up and improvement there. But, it is a loss. We lost the football game.”

When you look at what they did last time, you played the same team and what your defense did today against the same group, is that progress to you?
“Yes, I believe there is progress. But we’re in the business of winning games. We have to win games.”

How would you assess QB Blaine Gabbert’s play?
“I thought Blaine has continually gotten better as he’s been in here and I thought today he ran the offense well. There’s obviously always things that we need to clean up and get better at, but I think he’s continually getting better.”

Do you think your team is getting better each week?
“Well, this week I will say our team did better. Our team did get better.”

You said Gabbert ran the offense well, like any specific things he did?
“Protections and getting us in and out of runs, all of those things. I guess when I say, using your brain, arm and your feet.”

How about in the way he’s delivering the ball. Are you happy with that?
“Yeah, I am. We still have areas there where we have to clean it up, but the consistency that keeps going up too.”

On the final third down play, could Blaine have gotten rid of the ball to avoid that 4th-and-20?
“Well, we would have liked too and I’ve got to take a look at that one. You don’t want to take a sack there at all. We obviously don’t want that. So, if there’s a way to get rid of that ball, we need too.”

Did you guys have that blitz accounted for, you believe?
“We thought we did. Again, I have to look at that one. I’m not going to talk on that one all the way. I was looking at our whole deployment.”

Your tight end, Vance McDonald, until a couple weeks ago had never caught more than one pass in a game and now all of a sudden he’s sort of emerging a little bit as a guy you can go too. Has that been coming gradually or suddenly? How would you assess that?
“Well, you can you go back to training camp. I’ve always said that’s a group I’ve always been really impressed with. Our tight end room, we have felt really good about since the beginning. The way they work, the players that are in that room, the way they work, the coaching, it’s really a good room.”

You talked about last week kind of tackling tentatively. I assume you addressed that with your team. Did you feel like they got they got the message?
“Today we went after the tackles. We didn’t break down. We saw the stuff that we emphasized in practice. We saw the getting after it. You saw the pursuit and the tackling.”

Do you have any theories on why your team plays so much better at home than on the road?
“No, sir.”

Do you expect QB Colin Kaepernick to be with the team tomorrow and from then on pretty much?
“From what I know, as a general rule after any surgery that we have, the guys stay away. All of our guys. [DL] Glenn’s [Dorsey] not back either. I’m not sure what day they come back, but they keep them away from everybody for infections and all that stuff. Then they come back to do the rehab.”

So you’re not sure –?
“I’m not sure if it’s exactly tomorrow. I don’t know. I didn’t check, but we have a protocol for that.”

When’s the last time you’ve talked to him?
“What I usually do when guys have surgery, I text them after their surgery after I get a run down that things went well. And, tell them give me a buzz if they need it. I’m not going to pepper them. I don’t pepper any of them.”

So, that was sent the day of the surgery?
“Yeah, after the surgery. But it was he and Glenn, there were a few calls I had to make that day, texts.”

Can you talk a little bit about the D-line and how they fit together with Dorsey being out now?
“That group, people play multiple roles. It’s always been that way. So, that’s the way we approach that. Next man up. We come in and we play. So, that group has to be able to fit together – the puzzle pieces. So, today you had the base downs there and Quinton Dial was moved over to the left. [NT Mike] Purcell was playing on the right, and then [DT] Tony’s [Jerod-Eddie] in and [DL] Arik’s [Armstead] is in and [DT] Tank [Carradine] played some end, and you see him in some three rush. That’s just the way we do that.”

What prompted you to give Purcell the start and from what you could tell, how do you think he played?
“Arik was just a little sore, so we wanted to have him in the dime rush stuff.”

49ers QB Blaine Gabbert
Press Conference – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers
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Could you describe the breakdown on that last sack on the last drive?
“I just got to find a way to get the ball out. They have a tendency to bring pressure after you got a completion, especially in the two-minute drill and it was just unfortunate. I tried to slip a tackle and maybe get a run in there, but I got to find a way to get rid of the ball. I can’t take a sack in that situation.”

How do you evaluate overall a game like this, one where you play well but still only 13 points in that game?
“Yeah. We’re in the business of winning and losing. It’s never fun when you’re on the losing side. We just got to find ways to put more points on the board. I can’t take a sack there in the first quarter. Left points out there on that drive and we just got to find ways to put touchdowns on the board.”

I don’t know if there’s a 4th-and-20 play, but when you released that, were you assuming that was a 20-yard gain?
“It was close. I knew when he made the break, they were in single high and he had a good matchup inside and came up three feet short. It’s just the way it goes sometimes.”

Are you surprised that they blitzed in that scenario?
“No. Their defense relies heavily on pressure and getting pressure on the opposing quarterback. Our offensive line and running backs did a tremendous job all game long picking up their stunts, their pressures. The communication was great but like I said, we just got to figure out ways to put more points on the board because you can come out playing well, but at the end of the day we lost.”

Are you feeling more confident though in the position now and this being, I think, your third game at quarterback?
“Hey, I’m just taking it one game at a time. Confidence is key in this profession. If you don’t step on that field with that confident mindset, you’re not going to play well. And so, I try and put my best foot forward day in and day out throughout the week of practice so I can go out there and be confident in our team, myself and go out there and win football games.”

I understand the professionalism you’re talking about in that but in these last six weeks, are kind of an audition for you, it seems to me. Can you detach yourself from the professionalism to judge it in that regard?
“It’s just one game at a time. That was my mindset when I got the nod versus Atlanta and it’s going to be my mindset this week versus Chicago. It’s literally one day at a time, one practice at a time because that’s the way, like I’ve always said, you focus on the details when you kind of look at it from that perspective and that’s how you go out there and execute on Sundays.”

Are you still learning what RB Shaun Draughn can do? What’s your feedback?
“Shaun’s done a tremendous job. You saw that from the first day he got here, he was eager to learn this system as fast as possible to make a difference on Sundays. That guy is playing his tail off from a protection standpoint, running the football, catching the football out of the backfield. He’s what you want in a running back.”

On if he knew who Shaun Draughn was before coming to the 49ers:
“Yeah. I think we came out together and I knew he was in Kansas City but I knew when we signed him, I talked to some guys and they spoke extremely high of him.”

How huge was it for the defense today, I mean, how much of a chance did the defense really give you guys?
“They gave us a great chance. All you can ask for is the ball at the end of the game with a chance to win. And that’s what I came down to and I failed to put a touchdown on the board, and that’s on me.”

I know the quarterbacks here work as a unit. QB Colin Kaepernick has not been here since he had his surgery. When do you expect him to be back and when was the last time you communicated?
“I talked to Colin yesterday. Just normal communication, hope he’s doing well. Surgery’s never fun and it takes a while to bounce back from that and then you’ve got to start the treatment process.”

It’s clear that you’re going to be the starter from this point forward. Do you become more vocal? Do you take a greater leadership role knowing that and knowing that Colin’s now on IR?
“Playing the position of quarterback, when you’re the starter, you are the face of this team whether you like it or not. You’re put in a position to lead, not only the guys on offense, but this team. It’s a position I cherish and I’m going to do my best to lead them to wins down the road.”

TE Vance McDonald has kind of been an afterthought a little bit in the passing game up to the last couple weeks. What’s abled you and him to show some chemistry out there on the field?
“He’s doing a great job. He’s working his tail off and he’s playing at an extremely high level right now. Blocking well in the run game, catching the ball, and he had some big plays today.”

On that big gain to TE Blake Bell that set up the touchdown pass, was there anything you saw leading up to the game that let you think that play was there?
“It was just the coverage that they run. They run a lot of man coverage and I think we caught them in a fire zone and he popped out the backside, and he did a great job making a play after the catch.”

49ers LB NaVorro Bowman
Press Conference – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

You once told me that you have to play, so that the refs can’t change the outcome of the game. Do you still believe that?
“Yes. It goes back to controlling what you can control. Today was one of those days. I was in the zone so much that the calls weren’t really fazing me. That’s what we want to get to as a team. Don’t listen to the refs. They make the calls and I have yet to see a call changed after an argument has been presented. Save your energy.”

The Cardinals brought pretty much the same team here this week and they had to work so hard to get points today as opposed to last time when they were getting them easy. Is that a sign of progress?
“It is a sign of progress. We were focused prior to this game. Today all sides of the ball gave what they needed to give. Today’s team like coach was saying is going to win a lot of football games. For us to respond like that after losing the first game, I think that says a lot also about this team. I’m happy about the way we played. We have no moral victories as we say, but we can definitely build on this.”

Why was it so different today than the first game?
“I don’t know. I think we prepared more. We didn’t want to get embarrassed like we did the first time. The guys that wanted a different outcome prepared that way.”

It seems like without getting sacks you guys were still able to keep Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer moving around the pocket. He never looked comfortable. What do you think went into that?
“Just disguising and giving him a lot of different looks. You never know how a good a person is until you’ve played him. We watched the film and if he knows what you’re in he’s pretty good about getting the ball to the right guy. Giving him different looks on early downs is the key to getting him off the spot. ”

On the touchdown run that Carson had, can you tell me what you remember about that?
“It was a good play by him. We were in a great defensive call that we were in. I’m sure the guys up front wish they could have that play back, but it was a great play by him.”

How encouraged are you guys by this game? I know you lost, but to play so well and be so close.
”I’m encouraged. Guys that didn’t have as much confidence in this team saw something today. I think it would kind of boost us. I know that we don’t have that much to play for, but we’ve still got a shot. Today was a demonstration of the type of team we have to respond after all the turmoil we’ve been through.”

That drive in the 3rd quarter where Arizona had first and goal and the defense gets three pass interference penalties and illegal use of the hands, what does that tell you about what the defense is or isn’t doing and what needs to change in those tight situations?
“We’re playing hard. That’s all I got out of that. Them not being able to get those quick-hitting touchdown passes and flaring their arms and things like that. I think that’s what caused the flags. What happened or what drew the flags is just us playing hard. There is no intentional pass interference. I don’t know how many plays that was, but there was a lot of plays on the goal line and for us to hold up like that shows we know how to play some goal line defense.”

What do you think of the progression you’ve seen from QB Blaine Gabbert? He threw for 300 yards today and it seems like he’s really gaining some confidence.
“He’s doing what he’s prepared to do. He’s been in the league for a while and I’m a big guy of when you get your second chance you take advantage of it. And I think he’s doing that.”

You’ve been in games where you’ve gotten a lot of turnovers. This team has really struggled to get turnovers. How do you explain the difference? Is it just luck, or is the preparation different in forcing turnovers?
“No. That’s a good question and I can’t give you an honest answer. It’s just a football-type of feeling. It’s a new scheme. You take chances when you’re really, really comfortable, and when we get really comfortable we’ll start getting more comfortable.”

49ers TE Blake Bell
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

The tight end position has become such an important part of this offense. What was it about today’s game plan that you were able to take advantage of?
“I was just ready for when my time is called. Usually I am in there with three tight ends, but with [TE Garrett] Celek going down, I was just trying to be ready. [Head] coach [Jim Tomsula] always says just be ready on your turn. I was just out there doing whatever I could to help the team.”

The offense responded to earlier mishaps. What did you like about what they were able to do at the end of the half and in the third quarter?
“I thought we did a great job of moving the ball. I thought the offense was clicking and other than that I thought we just need to finish a couple more drives and get into the end zone. We knew coming in that we needed touchdowns and we just came up short today.”

Just two yards short on that last drive, what are your thoughts when you saw WR Anquan Boldin go down two yards short?
“It was rough. It was two yards and we just didn’t get it.”

Do you think the game was evenly called by the officials?
“My job is just to be out there to play and coach will figure it out and see whatever happened. We are just out there playing and we have to let the refs make the calls.”

49ers WR Anquan Boldin
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

On that last play, fourth-and-20, did you think you had the 20 yards?
“Yeah, you know, it was a situation where they were blitzing. So, the clock is going off in my head, you have to break or else they’ll be to the quarterback by that time. I tried to get as deep as I could and make a break on it.”

And he just was on you immediately?
“Yeah, they played good defense and had a hand in there. I had to make sure I secured the catch first and then try for the first down.”

What do you take from this? You are a play or two away from a team that’s leading the division. Do you take positives out of it or is it just a loss?
“I mean, it’s a loss. There’s no motivating [factor]. We understand the situation. We understand how good we can be. If we come out and play like that every week, we know were capable of being a good team. It’s just on us to continue to work hard and try to get better.”

On that last drive was the energy really good in the huddle?
“Definitely; everybody had confidence that we would go down and get a score.”

What has QB Blaine Gabbert shown you in these three starts?
“He’s a heck of a quarterback. You guys see it. He’s poised, he’s under control. He has a good control of the offense. He understands where to go with the ball. He understands when he’s hot, when he needs to get rid of it. He’s playing really well for us right now.”

Does this lead you to believe that things are going in the right direction?
“Definitely. He has everybody fighting for him. Everybody is comfortable with him being behind center. Guys are making plays for him, blocking their butts off. Receivers are getting open and catching the ball. We’re all behind him.”

There’s so much misdirection with him and he’s really good at the play action with the boot leg. Does that change things for your routes and what you look for from him?
“It just adds a dimension to our offense. He’s not just a pocket passer. He can get out and make plays with his legs. So that’s something that defenses have to prepare for.”

When you get four penalties on the goal line on your defense, does it almost get ridiculous?
“I thought it was ridiculous all day. If you’re going to call the game that way, call it both ways. Don’t let it just be so lop sided where it’s blatant.”

Were you near the sideline when WR Torrey Smith bumped into the ref? Did you see all that?
“No, I didn’t see him. I was back by our bench so I wasn’t able to see that.”

49ers DT Quinton Dial
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

What did you think when you saw the flag?
“No. This can’t be, this can’t be real. No.”

Did it feel like Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer kind of ducked into it?
“Yeah, when I watched the replay, I saw that he just kind of ducked into it and there was obviously nothing I could do at that point, just fall into him.”

Even with him ducking, did you feel like you caught him in the helmet or was it more in the chest? It’s hard to tell sometimes, I’m sure.
“I’d have to go back and watch it again.”

But, as you were going through that hit and that tackle, you felt like it was a legal play?
“Me personally? Yes.”

Do you as a pass rusher know what is legal and what’s not these days? I mean, is there a question every time you touch the quarterback?
“That’s a question that I really can’t answer. It seems like every year there’s something new. So, I can’t answer that question.”

What’s the feeling like when you think you’ve made a huge play and then it turns out, it’s actually a huge play going the other way?
“It was just not a good feeling. It’s not a good feeling.”

There was a real difference and energy between this game and the game against the Seahawks a week earlier. How do you explain how you guys play at home and on the road?
“It’s just something that, we came out and said we were just going to put our pride on the line and come out and play together. It’s something we’re just going to have to build on and take it on the road with us. We’re on the road the next two weeks, so it’s something we can build off of and take with us.”

The first series of the third quarter where it took nine plays from inside the five to score, even though they scored a touchdown on that, did it give you guys confidence that you could keep the best offense in the league out of the end zone for an extended period?
“I feel like we had a lot of momentum throughout the course of the game. We just came up short. We missed a couple opportunities and just got to go in and watch the film and learn from it.”

49ers RB Shaun Draughn
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

How are you feeling thus far? You probably didn’t really expect to be the feature back when you signed here.
“Yeah, man, I’m just humbled. I’m grateful, man. I just want to go out there and show my teammates, show the fans and show the organization that I’m here to work and do whatever it takes to win. I’m here for the guys and I’m going to give it my all when I go out there. Regardless of whether I’m starting or not that’s just the type of player I am.”

Given all that you’ve had to go through in your time in the league, having a good run here has to feel rewarding.
“Like I said, it’s a blessing and I’m humbled to have this opportunity. That’s the thing that I feel like I’ve been missing. Other teams didn’t give me this shot, but the 49ers did and I was definitely going to take it and run like a wild man when I got the chance. It’s a blessing to be in this position.”

You were facing the number one defense in the league. How do you think the guys did? Obviously you wanted more than 13 points but you seemed to move the ball on them.
“We’re no slouches. They’re a good defense. Hats off to them, they played a good ballgame. They’ve been playing good ball so far so hats off to them. They played a good game. We came out knowing we were going to face a tough style of defense. But we have good players too so we felt like we could definitely come out and give this team a fit.”

Do you feel good about the way you’re playing?
“I’m playing alright. I’m grateful for the opportunity that I’m getting. I’m definitely going to take advantage of the opportunity.”

You appear to have shown that you have a future in this league. Was that kind of the idea when you got this chance five days before actually starting in a game?
“Yeah. Like said, I didn’t expect to have this type of role when I first signed up, but it’s a blessing. God has blessed me with this opportunity and I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and show the guys, show the fans and the organization that I’m here to work.”

49ers LB Eli Harold
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

The run defense seemed to be much better this week.
“I feel like last week we didn’t come to stop the run, which we pride ourselves on. Since I got drafted here, stop the run, stop the run. I watched past film on the guys and that’s what we’ve been known for. I feel like last week was a slap in the face to the offense and I feel like we didn’t do a good enough job last week. Coming into this week we stressed it a lot. Tackle the ball, tackle the ball, get after the ball. I feel like we did a great job stopping the run and accomplishing our goal of stopping the run.”

Obviously you guys wanted to win, but is there something you can take out of this game and hope to build on?
“Most definitely. I feel like all three phases played a complete game. First time in a long time since we’ve done that. Some games the offense would do better than we would or vice-versa and special teams wouldn’t show up, but I feel like in all three phases, [QB] Blaine [Gabbert] had a great game, the defense had a great game, special teams had a great game. We just couldn’t finish in the end.”

You said you guys emphasized tackling in the week. Was there one guy that really got on you?
“Well, [Head Coach Jim Tomsula] Jimmy-T in the first team meeting on Wednesday. Then just seeing guys like [LB NaVorro Bowman] Bo and how he approaches game day, we just feed off his energy, I feel like. When he has a great game, the defense thrives.”

49ers S Eric Reid
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

At the end of the day, you didn’t come up with a win. What’s the heart of the issue?
“This is a tough one. We fought hard until the end. We came up a couple plays short. Maybe we get a turnover and give our offense an opportunity to score and it’s a different outcome.”

What happened on the touch down that Palmer was able to sweep in on?
“We were in zero coverage. Everyone had their backs turned. We actually did a good job in coverage, he just was able to scramble. We keep him in the pocket and hopefully maybe get a sack.”

You were one of the guys pursing him at the end. Did you think you would be able to get him?
“I did. But he had enough room to keep the angle wide enough to where I couldn’t get to him. It was just unfortunate.”

What do you have to say about all the penalties that were thrown your way during that horrible loss tonight?
“It’s not in my character to blame the refs, but man there were some questionable calls, some very questionable ones. But, what can you do? They throw the flags and there’s nothing you can do about it, but play the next play.”

It’s a loss, but you play this well at least offensively for sure. What does it tell you about where this team is?
“We can do what it takes to win games. We just have to come out and play like this consistently. We’ve been shooting ourselves in the foot all season. But, if we play like this, we can win some games.”

With the penalty flags flying like that, how hard is it to not let that affect how you guys play?
“Like I said, you can’t do anything about it. It hurts, especially when it’s third down and you think you got them stopped. But you have to forget about it and play again.”

49ers WR Torrey Smith
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

What do you think about the game overall?
“It was a hard fought game by both teams. We obviously didn’t do enough to win. I had a couple of penalties and that doesn’t help. We just have to figure out a way to put up more points.”

What did you feel about 49ers QB Blaine Gabbert’s performance today?
“Blaine played awesome. The plays that he made, he was able to showcase his skills and prove that he belongs in this league. Blaine can play ball. I am just glad that he can go out there and prove it, but we need to get some wins to show for it.”

What was the feeling on that last drive, did you think that you guys were going to score a touchdown?
“Yes. Definitely. You always expect to win. Unfortunately, we came up two yards short but that is how it goes sometimes.”

You played so well on the road, so much the opposite. Is there anything that you can point to?
“A different day, a different challenge. We just have to go out and be consistent as possible and that goes along with that. We haven’t really been consistent.”

Anything that you can take that is positive from this game?
“There are no moral victories in the NFL. We just have to try to win the next one.”

Seems like everyone is guarding you with their best corner, how can you affect the team if you are not being targeted?
“That is the way it has been since I have been in the league. The better corners have been on me. I have to deal with that challenge, but I only get the ball three times per game so I don’t even know why they do it. It is what it is. I think that it is a respect thing. I have to take advantage when I do get the ball.”

49ers S Jaquiski Tartt
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

This defense came in and held the league’s number one offense to 19 points and it seemed like the defense really buckled down on third down in particular. What was the difference coming into today’s game?
“The biggest difference was we were just locked in this game. Last game we played a little bad, but this game we wanted to come in and focus more.”

Arizona was down there and had 1st-and-goal and then there was penalty after penalty. Is it difficult in those situations to play a receiver tight like that?
“No. You really just have to keep taking it a play at a time.”

What were your thoughts on that drive with three pass interference penalties and a hands to the face? It seemed like everything was being called so close.
“I mean, you can’t leave the game in the refs’ hands. We know we have to be a lot more disciplined as a team.”

Did you see growth in the defense in this game?
“Yeah, most definitely.”

What did you like most about the growth you saw?
“We just played a lot more disciplined in our run defense and in pass coverage, we did what we were supposed to do.”

Arizona Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians
Press Conference – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Opening Comments:
“We’re extremely happy with a win. Like I always say, you learn a lot more by almost losing than you do anything. Really I don’t think it was anything to do with traps and all that [expletive]. We struggled at times. They’re a good football team, and they’re getting better. I thought [San Francisco 49ers QB] Blaine [Gabbert] was a good quarterback. We fought through some injuries. Losing [CB] Jerraud [Powers] in the game, hopefully is just a calf strain and not an Achilles. We first thought it was Achilles. [RB] Andre [Ellington] we don’t know about his foot yet, and [RB] Chris’s [Johnson] knee. But our guys stepped in there and stepped up, and did a real good job. I thought we busted out a couple good ones there at the end. Got the pressure on them and we made them stop, and then our guys answered a challenge. We still can’t miss extra points in that situation, but I liked the fact that we had the resiliency to go down and get a drive for a touchdown. [WR] J.J. [Nelson] stepped up. [QB] Carson [Palmer] made a great play on that one. Bought some time, lobbed it up, and J.J. got it. But, we obviously struggled mightily in third-and-one and short of the goal line, and that’s something that we have to address. I think two areas of our football team right now we have to address: coaching staff-wise or offensively, shuffling our O-Line, and defensively, running the ball inside of the ten. We’re giving up too many yards there, but overall extremely pleased with the win. Wins are hard to get in this league, and we’ll take them any way we can.”

I know you like to use the phrase, ‘no risk it, no biscuit,’ when you talk about taking chances. Could the phrase for this game be not sexy, but effective?
“Yeah, I mean it was hard. It was hard sledding. We got behind them a few times, and we hit a couple. I think a big play was the last slant play to [WR] John Brown, where they didn’t get the ball back. That equaled out the timeouts and what was a huge play, and very gutsy by Carson. But yeah, it was not sexy whatsoever.”

Specifically with the short yardage, do you know why that hasn’t been working very well?
“Yeah, we keep turning guys loose on our running back. And, we’re sticking to double teams and don’t have our eyes up on the right linebackers and leave gaps. I mean, we’ve got to see it. They just pick off your guy and you get an easy first down. We’re burying our heads trying to kill the three technique, and then we’re turning guys loose. We did the same thing on the road.”

So it’s not really getting physically whipped?
“No, it’s just mental error basically. Trying to double team somebody and they’re running guys through.”

Did it feel as disjointed on the sideline as it looked from afar for a while there, especially with the penalties and some of the other things that happened in the first half with the calls?
“Not really. I thought our sideline was pretty calm, but the officials were struggling mightily. I mean, they can’t count to three.”

What did they tell you about that in the first half?
“I got so many explanations I got tired of them, because they were just running out of them. We played a pass on the first down, and I’m not sure the spot was correct. So, we hurry up and run the ball, and they got 13 guys on the field. We accept the penalty, that’s it’s first-and-five. They marked it off second, and they gave us five yards after the play, which was wrong, and made it second-and-three. That’s not what we accepted, and that was the whole problem. So, it was a faux pas on their part. They can try to explain it, but they’re wrong.”

Do you think the roughing the passer was a good call, the last one?
“He got hit right in the face, yeah.”

You mentioned the pass from Carson to John at the end was gutsy on his part, did he audible into that? Why is that gutsy on his part?
“He had a blitz, he just held it, and let it up for J.J. and just made a great throw.”

Having LB Sean Weatherspoon in there a little bit was that part of being careful with S Deone Bucannon?
“Yes, we didn’t want him to play in the base defense in this ball game. We wanted to get him some rest in that regard, and then we got him in there in enough nickel and dime situations so he can play.”

What were you thinking watching Carson scramble on his way to the end zone?
“I didn’t think he was ever going to get there. He will take a lot of grief over that one I promise you.”

He looked like he was tired when he did the spike.
“Get up and get out.”

What did you think of the spike?
“I didn’t even see it. I was just so happy he got there.”

Do you know anything about Andre and Chris, like severity?
“No, everything is in X-rays and that’s what we’re waiting on.”

What can you learn from this team effort?
“I thought we were good enough to win, but not our best, and everybody in this league’s good. I mean, people get caught up with records. I mean, they’re all good. And, this team is getting better and better, and they’re getting better and better offensively for sure, and [San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Tomsula] Jimmy’s doing a good job.”

Cardinals QB Carson Palmer
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

How much grief are you taking over that spike?
“I’m taking a lot of heat for that, and I could care less.”

What were your emotions in that moment?
“It was just an NFC West fight against a team that’s got a lot of good players on it, that have won a lot of games. The last four or five years those guys have played really good football. They’ve played really good defense. They’re extremely well-coached. They’ve had a tough season but they came to fight. That’s what we’re going to get, being on top the way we are. We’re going to get everybody’s best shot. It was just one of those games. It was an NFC West fight, a great road win against a team that gave us their A game. We maybe didn’t have our A game today, but to get away with a win in this environment shows a lot of resiliency and what kind of fight this team has.”

Why will this game end up being important for this team in the long-run? The way you guys won it and the type of game it was.
“I don’t know if it’s more important than the win in Seattle, or hopefully the win next week in St. Louis. These games are fights. When you’re on top, it’s a dog fight. It’s a defensive division. We played great defense, they played great defense. Coming into this environment, in front of this crowd, the intensity in that stadium, how loud they were, how into the game the fans were, it’s a big win. We weren’t thinking about their record, we weren’t thinking about anything, we were thinking about the San Francisco 49ers. It’s a great organization, great tradition and, like I said, there are guys that have won a lot of football games on that sideline.”

There seems to be a lot of debate about that roughing the passer penalty. Did he get you helmet-to-helmet?
“There’s no debate here. He hit me right in the face with the crown of his helmet. I don’t think there’s any debate over that.”

To get down there and punch into the end zone finally after that series of penalties – they had four pass interferences – what did that do for you guys right out of halftime?
“It just kind of felt like: ‘finally.’ [Cardinals WR] Larry [Fitzgerald] had a couple curls and an out where the guy was on top of him. It felt like [Cardinals WR] J.J. [Nelson] had a couple plays where he was getting tackled 12 yards down the field.

The pass to J.J. Nelson was a big play in the grand scheme of the game.
“Yeah, I’m interested to watch it. It looked like they were doubling. We had a route on him, and J.J. did a great job catching it and getting home.”

What is your trust with Fitzgerald? It seems like even when he’s double teamed you feel like you can still get it to him.
“That’s what he does. That’s his forte. He’s been doing it for a long time. I have a ton of trust and respect that he’s going to make a play on the ball. I think he had a pretty quiet game but he still had 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 touches. That’s what he does. He uses those hands. He separates the ball from his body. He doesn’t let guys get in there. He doesn’t body catch it, he uses his hands. It’s nice knowing that when there’s a tight window, he’s going to extend his hands and separate the ball from his body and not let the defender make a play.”

You mentioned you guys didn’t play your best today. Is that what good teams do? Win when things aren’t clicking and find a way to win.
“Yeah, and on the road. It’s not comfy. It’s not at home. It’s not nice and quiet when you’re on offense. I think we have a lot of fight in us. Obviously they showed they have a lot of fight in them. I can’t stress enough, that was a dog fight, a defensive battle. It’s good to see the fight that we showed to come down and win the game.”

What did you see on the touchdown run and did you think you were going to make it to the end zone?
“They did a good job. They pushed the coverage strong, and had a good scheme. I thought it was a very well-coached team. I have a ton of respect for [49ers defensive coordinator Eric] Mangini and what he does. The game plan he does, and taking away our deep stuff. Not letting us take our shots. The whole defense pushed the side of the field. I just saw an opening. Man coverage, everybody was running to the right, and I took off to the left. I ran like a 5.9 [second] 40 [yard dash].”

On the play before that, it seemed like your footing was a little tricky there.
“They were bringing pressure. I probably could have thrown it to Larry [Fitzgerald] for a four or five-yard gain, we were running a short route, but they came down. Like I said, the players played us shallow and tried to take away the short throw. They gave us one opportunity. Pocket was closing and they did a good job getting pressure on me, so I just put it up in the air.”

Is Cardinals RB David Johnson at the point where he’s ready to run every down?
“He has to be now, when your first and second string backs go down. It depends how long those guys are going to be out, we’ll see. But it’s his job now and he’s got to step up, and I know he will. He’s going to be a great player.”

Who’s giving you the most teasing so far and what were some of the comments?
“More the looks, than the comments. More just laughs, head shaking. The comments will come as soon as we get on the plane.”

Cardinals WR Michael Floyd
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

How important was today’s victory for the team today?
“It was pretty big against a divisional opponent. It was a big win overall.”

You guys beat up on the 49ers in Week 3. But, this time it was a little tighter. What was the difference?
“It’s always going to be like that. They probably had a chip on their shoulder. They felt embarrassed from the 47-7 game in Arizona, so they weren’t going to let that happen again. Like I said, they’re a divisional opponent.”

Would you guys like to be playing here on February 7?
“Oh yeah. We need to be here. It’s a great stadium, great atmosphere. We want to be here. It’s not my last trip here. I know everyone else is saying the same thing. We want to be back.”

Cardinals S Tony Jefferson
Cardinals Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

How did it feel to come away with the win?
“Real good. They don’t get enough credit. [QB Blaine] Gabbert is doing a great job for them. He has control of that offense. He doesn’t get the respect. He can scramble and run, and poses a dual threat to us, but we came out with the win.”

How big is the loss of CB Jerraud Powers?
“That was huge. Anytime we lose anybody in the secondary is huge. We have to get guys healthy and get ready for next week.”

Cardinals RB Chris Johnson
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

You guys beat them up in the first go-around, but this time things were kind of tight. What was the difference?
“It feels good to come in here, play against a tough team like that and squeeze out a win. It was a tough game. I don’t think we were on our game. It’s games like this that you play during the season that you have to win.”

You went out for a little bit with an injury. Can you give us an update?
“I’m not sure right now. It doesn’t look like anything too major. We’re going to watch it and see how I feel tomorrow.”

What’s the attitude on this team right now? You guys are at the top of the division. What’s the talk in the room?
“We’re at the top, but we know we can play a whole lot better offensively. We have to continue working on our game and get better. We’re grateful for the win.”

How about your game today?
“It was a tough day out there. We have to look at the film and see where things went wrong. I’m just happy for the win. It’s always easier to correct mistakes with a win, rather than a loss.”

Cardinals RB David Johnson
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

What was not working well for you guys in the red zone today?
“They got good jumps on us. They were good up front. That is all I could say.”

For you, ball security, people have been wondering about it. Do you feel today was a big step for this team trusting you and have faith?
“I’m definitely glad my team, my coaches, and [Arizona Cardinals QB] Carson [Palmer] still trust me with the ball in my hand.”

What were you thinking when both of Chris Johnson and Andre Ellington went down?
“What I got to do to remember the plays we have all together. Just doing what I can to help out the team.”

Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians said he didn’t think that QB Carson Palmer was going to make it to the end zone. What did you think when you saw Carson run towards the end zone?
“Get in! I was thinking hopefully he was going to get in and beat that guy who was trying to get him from not getting in there.”

What did you think about QB Carson Palmer’s spike after he scored the touchdown?
“It was pretty funny. It was funny. He slipped. I’m glad he wasn’t hurt. I was a little nervous. It was definitely funny.”

Cardinals Head Coach Bruce Arians said this wasn’t a sexy win, but it was a win no matter what. What does that say about this team?
“I am glad we came through at the end and do everything we could and finish out at the end and pull it off.”

How big is it for you guys to have a win here in the Bay Area? You guys have not won here since 2008.
“Coach [Bruce Arians] told us actually yesterday that we have not won here since 2008. We knew it was going to be a hard game. We knew it was going to be a tough one, especially it being a conference game and being at San Francisco. I am definitely glad we ended up getting the win.”

What does it mean for you guys to have nine wins now? It has to mean something when you know guys have pretty good distance between you and the second place team?
“It feels real good for us to have multiple games in front of everyone else. We can’t get complacent. We have to continue to get better and work on things that didn’t go right today and move forward.”

Cardinals S Tyrann Mathieu
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Is that ultimately all that it is about to get the win, and the rest doesn’t really matter?
“Anytime you play a division opponent and on the road it is important to get the win. We don’t feel like we played well defensively. We just started giving them catches, giving them things that we weren’t giving them in the first half. They made it a game.”

Head Coach Bruce Arians said it wasn’t a sexy win and win is all that matters. Is that how you see it?
“Absolutely. Anytime you get a division opponent on the road, I think the main goal is to get the win. If it is ugly or pretty, it really doesn’t matter. We have a lot of things to correct and a lot of things to work on. We have another quality division opponent coming up. We have to stay focused and get back to work.”

Is there a lesson learned here you think though Tyrann?
“I think every game you try to take things from it and learn from it. I didn’t think we started fast. Obviously that is something we have been trying to work on and our coaches have been harping on us about. Hopefully next week we can start fast and finish strong.”

You hinted it would be a bigger challenge with San Francisco 49ers Blaine Gabbert. Was it?
“It was. I know you guys saw it. A couple of times we had him in the pocket and he was able to use his legs and create throws down the field. I think that helped him out a lot. Even on critical third downs he was able to extend some plays and find the open receiver. I thought he played a pretty good game.”

What did you think of Arizona Cardinals QB Carson Palmer’s spike?
“I was kind of nervous. We thought he hurt himself. To get a go ahead touchdown on the road it creates a lot of emotion and a lot of energy. Yes, we were nervous at first.”

You had the tackles, you had the pick, and you had the passes defended. What were you most proud of today?
“Well I gave up a touchdown, so it kind of negates the good game I had. There are a lot of things I can work on and get better at and I think that is the goal.”

Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson
Postgame Quotes – November 29, 2015
San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals

Do you take the win and just flush this game?
“No. Definitely don’t flush it. We were very fortunate to come out of here with a W here today. I think we made some good halftime adjustments, but at times we didn’t match their intensity. It’s a good game to learn from. Offense will have Victory Monday, but defense won’t. We have to get on this film. We have to get in there and clean up the small things and start looking forward to the Rams.”

Was that a decision by the defense to not take Monday off?
“It’s by me, the captain. I have to make sure our guys are ready for this run of the season. These next five games are very important. If we want to be home for playoff games, we have to make sure we win them. Minnesota is playing good ball. Although Green Bay lost, they’re playing good ball. We have to play those guys eventually, so we have to make sure we win those games. We have to start out fast and have good energy so we can give ourselves a good chance to win.”

What didn’t you like today? What do you want them to learn from this?
“We had too many communication busts. We have to make sure we keep our eyes in the right place and we have to be on the same page at all times. That’s what championship defenses do. We have to make sure we play at a high level at all times. As a defense, if we want to be where we want to be at the end of the year, you can’t keep having these rollercoaster rides. We knew what this team was going to do. We knew they were going to try and mix directions. We have to be on top of this and fix these small things.”

It’s the first time the Arizona Cardinals have won here since 2008. Doesn’t that feel good?
“Oh yeah. We’re very fortunate to get this win here today. We played good enough to get the W. It’s my first win since I’ve been with the Cardinals. That’s a huge relief. We just want to continue to do the small things that help us be a successful team and that’s playing with relentless effort, being the smartest team, hitting the hardest and the longest for four quarters. We’ve got five more games to see what we’re made of.”from