His face showed signs of tiredness. Wheel chair bound. Body weak due to all the chemotherapy. He didn’t look like your average 13yr old. Stricken with Leukemia and Valley Fever. Immune system shot. When I talked to him I told him that I enjoyed getting in a good fight. That I would be honored to fight his fight. Told him he had a friend for life. Told him I loved him……..and as weak as he was he looks at me and with the heart of a champ tells me “Joe I love you too buddy. We are going to beat this”…………..man this kid just became my hero.
Thee Empire Faithful slogan of REALIZE RECOGNIZE IDOLIZE THAT WHICH IS GREATER THAN YOU! just took on a new meaning. If you have never been involved with St. Baldricks Day at Children’s Hospital of Central California you have no idea what you’re missing.