Yesterday Thee Empire Faithful celebrated their club birthday. This weekend they are having a club bbq, Joe Rocha the club president had this to say….

“Today we celebrate another year of being a family. Oct 2, 2011 6 guys walked into a pizza joint. 3 years later we are in Fresno Bakersfield Visalia and Vallejo. Set the Central Valley a blaze with the first ever Niner Rally and brought in almost 800 fans. Our countless hours of community outreach and money raised to battle Cancer thru the St Baldricks Foundation and Relay For Life. Back to School Drives and Homeless Feedings just break the ice. We don’t just say we are the best. We prove it. I want to thank each and every member of Thee Empire Faithful for being you. For spreading our gospel. For being part of something greater then yourselves. For knowing that our cause is not in vain. For believing that no one has it better than us. Without you T.E.F wouldn’t be who we are. I love you all. I am humbled and for that I thank you. Happy Birthday to the club and its members. Here is to the future. Our Future. Our kids Future.”