On October 6th, the 49ers take the field in their Nike Color Rush jerseys. If you missed the unveiling, the new unis incorporate classic San Fran flare with a dynamic black base. Whether you dig the latest look or you prefer lighter fare, one thing is for sure: these alternate jerseys represent an interesting palette shift for an organization that’s always been committed to aesthetic innovation.
Browse each of the following sections to look back at some of the landmark moments in the history of San Francisco apparel. From silver to gold to black, the 49ers have remained a sight to see on the gridiron.
1946-63: The Early Years
Throughout the early days, San Francisco changed uniform designs and color combinations quite often. Until the early 1960s, the 49ers would don red, white or silver helmets, white or light-gray pants, and red (home) and white (road) jerseys. The original logo portrayed a mustached gold miner dressed in plaid pants and a red shirt, suspended in midair with pistols in each hand, much in the style of Yosemite Sam.
1964-88: The Golden Years
In 1964, all-silver jersey elements were changed to what was called “Forty-Niner Gold.” This made sense, as the original 49ers used to pan for gold. Get it?! Gold helmets and gold pants were featured on a regular basis, along with striking red jerseys. This basic design would be utilized for practically the next thirty seasons.
1994-95: Enter the Throwback
During the 1994 NFL season, many squads decided to occasionally feature “throwback uniforms” throughout the year. These jerseys were developed to honor the NFL’s 75th anniversary. The 49ers were among the organizations that opted to feature a throwback jersey and sported an updated version of their 1955 uniforms.
Now: The Color Rush
The 49ers will be wearing all-black “Color Rush” uniforms at certain points throughout the 2016-2017 NFL season. These uniforms consist of black jerseys, black pants, and red numerals, along with San Francisco’s signature gold helmets.