If any football fan brings up the words Niner Empire in Texas one is sure to know that the state of Texas is full of faithful from the San Francisco 49ers and Texas is startinging to bleed red. If one travels in any direction whether its north of Texas, South of Texas , East , West. Central wherever it maybe  you will run into the greatest and most organized fan base in the National Football League. Niner Empire. We are proud to announce the Addison Point Faithful Dallas Chapter not to be confused with the Dallas / Fort Worth Chapter. The Cowboys can claim Dallas home but the NINER EMPIRE is willing to invade their city as evidenced by the Dallas Invasion a few years ago. www.NINEREMPIRE.com is proud to announce yet another chapter to their family and global takeover. #FOOTBALLBROUGHTUSTOGETHERNINEREMPIREMADEUSFAMILY!!!!!!

The Texas Chapters of Niner Empire continue to grow and continue to come together for off – season events. Its should also be known the H-Town Chapter along with other Texas Chapters are working on one of the biggest takeovers when the 49ers play the Houston Texans. For more info please stay tuned. WELCOME TO THE FAMILY RAY, LEW, and the rest of the ADDISON POINT FAITHFUL.

President: Ray Clark                                                                         Vice President: : Lew Mays




EMAIL: [email protected]

Viewing Parties: Addison Point Sports Grill

4578 Belt Line Road, Addison Texas 75001

Phone# 469.337.1560