Niner Empire Tulare County 559ers was invited to help tackle the homeless epidemic in Fresno today, Feed the Streets was hosted & coordinated by Niner Empire Fresno who asked us to help join and participate in this event.The faithful 49er fans donated their time, food, and money assist in feeding and clothing around 200 people.
President of the Tulare County 559ers Rita Murillo said,”This was a great and humbling event for our members and children to witness such an event. We thank Niner Empire Fresno for allowing us the opportunity to give back to the less fortunate and  look forward to hosting a future event here in Tulare County.”

The love for the Niners not only brings fans together but, it assist all though in the community. Niner Empire was representing and is proud our clubs can come together to make an event so successful. Thank you to all who donated and participated! It is amazing to see folks giving back from their hearts.