Unfortunately the Niner Empire and the San Francisco 49ers loss another brother in a horrifying accident.

Words from Junior Esparza Empire Tejas Niner Empire Chapter President::

It is with a heavy heavy heart and sadness to Send off our Brother Albert Arzate to heaven. We ask all Empire Tejas 915 familia and surrounding chapters to keep his wife and sons in prayer. Que dios te bendiga Tocayo!! Rest in Paradise Albert Arzate…..

**First and foremost I would like to Thank all who showed love and support for our fallen brother. May it be with a donation, a change of profile picture even just sending prayers and letting the family know went along way. I can honestly say that we are more than just a fan/booster club 100% I stand by that! We are familia that look out for our own thru good and bad, I am very humbled to have a group like this who is caring and free willed as you all. The Azarte family showed great gratitude for what we did for their Son, Brother,Husband, Father and cousin. We came together as familia and held each other up thru this difficult loss. Please believe that we would do the same thing for all you guys who continue to be part of our family. Thank you again!!!!!!!