PotPlayer 1.6

There are many third-party media player for free and PotPlayer is another great choice for both video and music playback.

While most people listen to music and streaming video right now, there are times when you do not have data connection and files storedLocally is the only one of its choice. PotPlayer is an excellent media player that can handle various types of media files.

The quality of the layartergantung on the equipment installed on the program, but in the dugouts do not have any problems playing the MOV file GB, 865 MB MKV, AVI or GB.Files of smaller size that will play without problems. You can change the information about the file and view detailed information about the distribution of information about the file, including the use of the processor.

There is support for subtitles in PotPlayer for .ass and an SRT file and will initially playTeksjika they are in the same folder as the video file. PotPlayer is a huge choice. PotPlayer you can optimize performance, but the default settings work well for most videos.

PotPlayer can also play sound files. It includes a standardVisualization or you can download additional information on the Internet. The program offers a lot of information about the sound file, including bitrate, file type and number of channels. As with other media players, there are also audio presets for the equalizer, and they all work very well.OK. This is not a replacement for the proper stereo, but did not have any effect on the sound.

This program is Daum, the company of Korea, but the program is fully presented in English during and after installation. One disappointment is that PotPlayer does not appear on the taskbar, onlyIn the sehinggadigunakan system, you should also have to let it run on the open area on the screen, or find it in the report.

PotPlayer is a good alternative for media players of the first batch. Stable buildings have many kind readers and weergaveis excellent quality forVideo and audio.


Added with the choice of configurations mobilmanajemen

Added support for the pixel shader function of this madVR

Added support for SUP (Blu-Ray) subtitles

Added ability to play MP3 files with subtitle texts

Added support for DIVX(XSUB) subtitles

Added ability to exchange stereo channels

Toegevoegdde the ability to capture organize folders in one place (F5 Folder Capture)

Fixed issue when mirroring the subtitles

Fixed incorrect behavior during the game, a certain BIC file

SomeImprovements for DVD subtitles and DVD menus using DXVA2

Shading processing ditingkatkanpixel

Improved logo processing

Added support for Daum Cloud protocol HTTPS

Your bookmarks are now limited to 2000

Improved automatic selection procedures for configuration management