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This fundraiser is set out for our Niner brother Jay Ramirez. Jay lost his daughter on January 18th from a sensless act of vilonece. Janessa Ramirez, 9yrs old, was shot and killed outside of a laundromat in Fresno California. We the “Niner Empire” are wanting to help our brother during this hard time. Jay Ramirez has been an active member in our club, the AZ 49er Empire and with the 49er Empire Desert West. As part of our 49er family we would like to thank you for your contributions along with your prayers and condolences. We are not just a 49er fan club, we are family!

Services for Janessa Ramirez Viewing: Friday Jan 23,2015 from 5pm to 8pm (please wear SF 49er attire or club gear) per Jay Ramirez

Funeral: Saturday Jan 24,2015 at 10am (please wear a purple dress shirt or blouse and dress pants) per Jay.

Viewing and Funeral to be held at Cornerstone Church 1545 Fulton Street, Fresno, CA 937213069732_fb_1421723507.0706_funds