Please welcome to the greatest fan base in all of football. NINER EMPIRE. We have just added yet another chapter from Arizona.

Name- Pinal County Niner Empire

13639774_589208041259927_1767220430_oPresident- Neal Patel

Vice president- Emilio Bustos

Treasurer- Derek Yubeta

Viewing Parties –

Liquor Factory Bar&Deli Chapter  [email protected]

Phone 520 -371 – 9925

PRESIDENT               TREASURER                VICE PRESIDENT









Niner Empire has always been around, but in 2005 the concept of having  Niner Empire chapter and faithful represented in each city, state , and country was pushed thru social networking and tailgates by Joe Leonor. (myspace, cpixel). Over the years many people have assisted in this crusade of getting the NIner Empire worldwide. People loved the concept of bringing NIner Fans together under one umbrella and so a recruitment of boosters, clubs, events, and passing out flyers at the home game came abroad. In early 2005 the pledge ( I PLEDGE MY FAITHFULNESS TO THE NINERS AND THEIR HALL OF FAMERS FOR WHICH THEY STAND , ONE  NATION UNDER AN EMPIRE INVINCIBLE WITH 5 RINGS AND DOMINATION OVERALL) was introduced to the Niner Empire and people grasped the idea of becoming the greatest fan base of all time. In 2006 Joe Leonor met with a partner and introduced the concept of wanting a website. At the time was not available so the words theninerempire was used for a website. Joe Leonor reached out to a few chapters and requested that they become a Niner Empire chapter to represent niner fans in their area. As the years went  by chapters began to grow and so did technology and the popularity of  Niner Empire tailgates, events, etc…Niner Empire began to make its moves through blood , sweat, tears. Due to the amount of popularity and technology  it was decided to move to a new and improved web designer (smartboydesigns, Christian Hollingsworth) who is known nationally, Smart Boy Designs made it accessible for the Niner Empire to have a opinion and voice and opportunity  update current information as soon as its announced. The domain was purchased and now chapters and niner fans are able to voice their opinions and express their opinions about 49er football.  The goal is to represent all Niner fans from all over the globe and let others know that we have fans throughout the world. With that being said the logo of a globe and Niner Empire around it was introduced, we continue to grow worldwide and global bringing niner fans together


Niner Empire has been showcased on the 2011 49er Schedule magnet, billboard on Freeway 101 in South San Francisco and San Jose area, many tv shows and newscast all over the United States, magazines, etc.. Currently we have chapters stretching across the United States and other countries and #9er radio is now a staple on the site. This is hosted by THE CHAMP & CLUBBER LANG. THE CHAMP  was a finalist in the 95.7 radio contest in 2012. We are one of the first as well to introduce a voice ticker where instead of reading an article one is able to listen to the audio.


A chapter is for all San Francisco 49er fans to come together. For instance if I travel to Washington DC I look on website and see your chapter I can contact you so I can watch games with other niner fans. Many chapters have also given back to their communitiees and charities as well.
We would love to have you on board. the goal is to get representation in every city state and or country… THERE ARE NO FEES JUST SPORTMANSHIP, welcome all San Francisco 49er fans, and to show our love for the niners and the passion that brings people together..

A) President

B) Vice President ( Committee members are solely up to you.


D) Phone number:

E) Logo:

F) Establishment / venue (restaraunt, bar, etc…)to watch games and have get togethers.

G). Establish a social network page or website

H) Represent Be responsible for posting events, pictures, etc in chapter forum. Share info from other related Chapters and support each other.

J) Work with other related Chapters to establish takeovers


1. President will get passwords for to post events pics, etc,,,,,and must stay active when time permits
2. President will get discount on all 49er products for their chapter at the store online and or in person to assist with their fundraisers and / or community events
3. Tailgating – You have a home and a family to tailgate with and will be given a huge discount for all u can eat at tailgates.
4. Chapter presidents will receive an official Presidents patch and certificate


please if u make clothing / items use chapter name – on them only . do not use Niner Empire as own entity. Example SANTA ROSA NINER EMPIRE
(FAMILY ATMOSPHERE) please keep post social networking clean because you are representing the greatest fan base of all time. NINER EMPIRE

9. You will also be added to a chapter forum page where all chapter presidents can share ideas.

For more info please contact:
Joe: 415 370 7725…
emal: [email protected]


The NINER EMPIRE store is a dream come true and offers plenty of specialties for your San Francisco 49er pleasure. We also offer Golden State Warriors and San Francisco Giants novelties as well.

You can purchase at our store or online.
Niner Empire store
1163 Chess Dr. Suite J
Foster City, Ca 94404
Every year the Niner Empire offers a tailgate for fans from throughout the globe to come and enjoy. It is a home away from home. You can check out our past videos on the video section of For more information please email [email protected] about tailgates. We have hosted people from across the country  at our tailgate and we  definitely have a family atmosphere. All fans are welcome.