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A chapter is for all San Francisco 49er fans to come together. For instance if I travel to Washington DC I look on website www.ninerempire.com and see your chapter I can contact you so I can watch games with other niner fans. Many chapters have also given back to their communitiees and charities as well.
We would love to have you on board. the goal is to get representation in every city state and or country.. Let me know brother whatever u need just let me know. THERE ARE NO FEES  JUST SPORTMANSHIP, welcome all San Francisco 49er fans, and to show our love for the niners and the passion that brings people together..



1) One person as president or go to guy
A) email (PLAYMAKER)
B) phone number

2) Establishment / venue (restaraunt, bar, etc…)to watch games and have get togethe

As a chapter president this is what you will get,

3. president will get passwords for www.ninerempire.com to post events pics, etc,,,,,and must stay active when time permits
4. President will get discount on all 49er products for their chapter at the store online and or in person to assist with their fundraisers and / or community events
5. Tailgating – You have a home and a family to tailgate with and will be given a huge discount for all u can eat at tailgates.
6. please if u make clothing / items use chapter name – on them only . do not use Niner Empire as own entity. Example SANTA ROSA NINER EMPIRE
7. (FAMILY ATMOSPHERE) please keep post social networking clean because you are representing the greatest fan base of all time. NINER EMPIRE
8. make a social network page and or website for your chapter to be linked to.


For more info please contact:

Joe: 415 370 7725…

emal: [email protected]