Judy Cisneros Sinzun came across the picture above of a little girl drawing hair on a mirror and it moved her and brought her to tears, she decided she wanted to cut off her very long hair and donate it to a little girl, this is her story….

This is the picture I had seen a week prior to cutting my hair. It made me cry. I believe every child deserves to live life to the fullest and if it means for me to cut my hair to make a beautiful angel happy, well thats what I did. Little did I know September was childhood cancer month. 10 inches is the minimum required, the 1st inch don’t count. I cut 13 inches. Where I went, the hair cut was even free!! Hair that is dyed is usable but not if its bleached. The chemicals used for the hair piece don’t mix with bleach hair. There are 2 places that I know of where you can donate.

“Locks of Love” which is where I donated or you can go with “Wigs for kids” the difference is that Wigs for kids requires a 12 inch lock of natural hair color, no dyed hair. To donate, simply go to locksoflove.com or wigsforkids.com and print the form, fill out and mail, I believe u can even request a picture of the princess that gets the hair piece with your locks. I hope to inspire someone to do the same.

Her story was very inspiring to me and i wanted to share it with all of our Niner Empire family, there are so many different kinds of fans, and people like Judy are what we are, it’s much more than football for so many of us.pizap.com13801914261291