This might sound familiar, a person once said I have a dream…Empire Tejas 915 was founded in El Pas Tx “cowboy” country in 2009. We started from a hand full of people who would pass out flyers in bars while football games were going in attempt to spread the word of the Niner Empire. Since then we have grown to 50+ members. The clubs main intention was too bring all El paso / Tx 49er fans together to enjoy each others company and camaraderie wile we watch our boys make way too their 6th Super Bowl ring and greatness. Through the yrs I’ve always been approached with excitement from new faces thanking us for bringing something like this to Tx. In their words, “Thank you we needed something like this here for us 49er fans, we’ve been looking around for a club/hangout to watch the games”. We base the club on having a strong family value and it has been great for the past 4yrs. In our offseason we hold meet n greets for members to have fun and to build on our family value. We have made it clear thru out the yrs. that we are a non profit org. and help out out the local community in any way possible. We have done small food drives for thanksgiving followed by toy and blanket drives for Xmas and donations have gone to the El Paso child crisis center. We had a small drive during last yrs preseason for autism in which we partnered up with our former bar who brought in a comedian to have a stand up show for donations. We plan on doing more events that contribute to our community as well as in any other form for the Niner Empire. We will continue to have strong roots in El Paso not for the name or popularity or even the size of the club but for the support that we show for our Bay Area team all the way from the desert and tumble weeds. Thru ups n downs, wins n loses its all about the San Francisco 49ers and their fans..

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Jr president- Empire Tejas 915texas-chapter