On August 8th, 2014 50 49er fans part of the Niner Empire were given the opportunity to take a tour of Levi’s Stadium. The tour lasted approximately 75 minutes. Throughout the tour fans were given a chance to walk through the media press box, walk through the suites, enjoy the visiting team locker room, but most of all walk through the 49er museum. Props to Jerry walker for putting together a wonderful museum.

The press box gave you the perspective from a birds eye view. One is able to view anything and everything from way above. After checking out the press box the fans were able to walk through the suites. The most amazing part of the suites section is as you walk through you can see all the different 49er art pieces and pictures that cover the walls. Every suite was custom built for whomever owned it.

From there fans were able to go through the huge visitors team locker room. As the 49er faithful walked through the stadium the tour guides gave tidbits of information that makes you say wow.

Last but not least we entered the museum. One can literally spend allday enjoying every little fact and item. The statues of 49er greats are amazing. Sometimes you wonder what about this player and that player that deserve statues as well but, we were still in awe. The Eric Wright, Jesse Sapolu, Keena Turner, etc,, 5 players with 4 super bowl rings definetly deserve one as well in my eyes. Two of the biggest wow factors was the actual movie theatre and short film about the history of the 49ers. On a personal note I (Joe Leonor) was honored to have a video of an interview done during the last year at CAndlestick Park and be part of the history of the San Francisco 49ers. As time went on we ended up getting kicked out because we ran out of time and the museum closed at 7pm.

Overall we will all be making a second trip to a great place. A video will follow soon about the trip. For information on tours please go to levistadium.com or 49ers.com