One word describes the Takeover of Dallas… EPIC. Niner Empire Chapters and faithful from around the United States definately took over AT&T Stadium. The parties started Friday night, then into Saturday. On Saturday car loads and busses took over Azure bar. As niner fans gathered so did the excitement for the next days tailgate. Super Bowl Champion greeted fans and signed autographs for over 300 faithful at the Omni Hotel and patiently answered questions from all of the Empire during the Q and A session. Fans brought items that belonged to them since their childhood. Roger Craig said it was fun and is a full supporter of the Niner Empire. Finally Sunday arrived and over 400 folks showed up to tailgate. David “Heat’ Canales at the crowd jumping as he performed Die Hard and Home. It’s one of those events that you had to be there to understand the atmosphere. Approximately around 2pm the Empire headed to march towards the game and approximately 5 minutes had gone by and the faithful were still leaving the tailgate area. The line was approximately 3 football lengths of 49er fans marching towards the stadium. During the game fans were getting text about how loud the 49er fans were and the tv broadcast had noticed it as well. The next day the Dallas newspaper said it all “Sea of Red”. We all know what the result was and we are now headed for our first home game at Levi Stadium. If you are interested in tailgating with the Niner Empire please go to fan store on this site and search tailgate experience…. Big shout out to Amber Williams , President of Austin Niner Empire and the other Texas Chapters who assisted in making this event EPIC…………….Also a shout out to all the other 49er tailgaters who made this takeover possible.