A dinner benefit was hosted by www.ninerempire.com to support our very own President Johnny Mac who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident. Special thank you to Mere Macewan, 650 Chapter, Fairfield Chapter, and everyone who came out to support Johnny on his road to recovery.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Duncan the wife of our very own President Charles Duncan for all her updates during Charles’s surgery. We love you both John and Charles and wish u both a great recovery. We are here for you.

On another note there has been some confusion about Niner Empire. No we don’t charge membership fees and we welcome all 49er faithful. There is word that we have some membership. That is totally false. We don’t charge to be a fan. Also we welcome all chapters and 49er fans to our tailgate.

Shout out to all 8 Chapters represented at our last tailgate. HAPPY THANKSGIVING from www. NINEREMPIRE.com

Thank you to our sponsors: Aidells Sausage & Playmlf.com ( You can win free prizes by entering the NINER EMPIRE  weekly giveaway fantasy tournament.) Just enter and it’s FREE


Setup for tailgate:

Every home game www.ninerempire.com host a tailgate and since 2005 we have had thousands of 49er fans from around the globe come and enjoy. You ask what does it take? well it for sure doesn’t take somebody sitting behind a computer typing  it takes hours amongst  hours of preparing food and setting up. The night before there is approximately 6-7 hours of  preparation of food and loading up. Then we wake up at 5am  prepare some more, get ready, and head to game before the gates open. Then once we get in we set up and party….IT’s called PUTTING IN WORK and giving the NINER EMPIRE the best possible experience…We are the Real Deal folks so please come out and enjoy with FAMILY……


We PUT IN WORK at Niner Empire