Although the San Francisco 49ers didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, it didn’t stop folks from all over coming to the Niner Empire Super Bowl Party hosted by the 415 Niner Empire Chapter. Chapters from the Bay Area, Modesto, Sacramento, Chico, Delano all came together. 415 hosted their party at their official viewing party place at IL Pirata in San Francisco. A bouncy house was provided for all the kids to jump around and keep them busy as the Niner Faithful along with other team fans watched Atlanta destroy New England in the first half then succumb to Mr. Tom Brady in the second half. Music was provided by well known Bay Area Dj’s playing Hip Hop, Old School , and Latin Hits.

A few vendors Lavishseal  and Bay Blooded  were also on hand to sell merchandise. Hopefully you will be able to find their merchandise and clothing at the Niner Empire store in Foster City or online at (store)

Video attached is some of the highlights of folks from all different walks of life coming together and having a family event. Niner Empire faithful sported their niner empire rings all day .