Although the outcome of the San Francisco 49ers vs Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t what the Niner Empire was hoping for the activities leading up to the game made up for it. Over 15 chapters whether they were Presidents , vice presidents, or members all were represented. The San Francisco 49ers organization and staff even took part in the invasion and organized a meet and greet earlier in the day, so a special shout out to them for coming out and supporting the 49er booster clubs / chapters.  The 49er organization raffled  prizes to the many fans represented at the restaurant and took pictures with all and can be found on lives by the motto “Football brought us together and Niner Empire made us Family .” and as night time approached Tilted Kilt restaraunt in Pittsburgh  was the place to be. MINUS THE HORRIBLE DJ who was chanting LETS GO PITTSBURGH…POOR TASTE…but anyways 49er fans from all over partied with “MOMMA BOWMAN” and 49er Defensive Lineman Super Bowl Champion Dana Stubblefield.

The next day was time for the big tailgate and march into the stadium. Lancaster Den President Eli Jimenez and chapter members organized a great event for all to enjoy. Special Shout to him and all the other chapters who took part in organizing such an awesome event. The Niner Empire was also treated to live Performances by Heat and others. Dj Lackey played the music and so on and so on. There was nothing but smiles, pictures, hugs, and a family atmosphere. The video will show excerpts from all the events. We do apologize for the shaking but it was damn exciting…. The march into Heinz field and Let’s go Niners chant was heard everywhere. We will end the story now cause we now how it ended…..