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Kezar Stadium: “The House of Fanaticism.”

JUST PUBLISHED! Now available for all San Francisco 49ers fans.  In "KEZAR STADIUM- 49ers Fans Remember ", author Martin Jacobs shares his, and the San Francisco 49ers' fans favorite memories of his  beloved team at historic and iconic Kezar Stadium. Together you'll...

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Nola Niner Take Over / Virtual Tailgate

Last years takeover was one for the record books. Not only did the 49ers beat the Saints but thousands of niner fans partied and tailgated. Due to Covid 19 the same chapters will be hosting a virtual tailgate with gifts etc... Please check out link below....

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Niner Empire Chapters Continue to Grow

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen over the last year the 49er fan base continues to grow like no other fan base in sports. Switzerland has been added, another chapter in Texas, and The Cabronas who are regulars at Bay Area Niner Empire events. During these rough times with...

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