Merry Christmas Niner Empire:
Folks it’s the Holiday’s. Last couple of years bay area chapters along with others faithful from have assisted our Caruther’s Chapter in California. This year on December 22nd, 2016 many of us will be making the trip to Caruther’s once again to assist many families in need of help. Many chapters are already assisting their local cities and neighborhoods as well so if u would like to donate to your local chapter, sponsor a family, and / or assist with the Caruther’s families please email [email protected] We can put you in touch with the coordinators. Please watch video and watch the families and the appreciation they have from all your assistance. The ability to assist families with no running water, no shoes, windows, etc is one of the most humbling experiences a person may endure. Thank you and if u have any questions and /or feedback do not hesistate to email [email protected]. Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!