Not very many things in this world will bring people together. Religion, music, politics can’t do it but one thing does and that is the Niner Empire. Houston Niner Empire chapter hosted this years biggest takeover yet. Over 40 chapters were represented and hundreds and hundreds of the faithful came together for the three day weekend starting on Friday and going all the way to Sunday night after the San Francisco 49ers pulled out a victory behind the “Franchise” Jimmy Garappolo.

What was really cool is finally hearing the Let’s Go Niner’s chant in enemy territory. After hearing opposing teams come to our home turf and chanting their teams name it was finally a great feeling to takeover a stadium far away from home and seeing the Empire all come together and feel the excitement.

A huge shout out to Cedric Robinson and the H-Town Chapter for putting on an amazing organized event. As fans came together throughout the weekend many fans took the opportunity to meet Hall of Famer Charles Haley and Future Hall of Famer Roger Craig at the party on Saturday night.

Having the opportunity to meet folks from around the globe and seeing smiles, hugs, and dancing is a tremendous experience and if you have not had the opportunity to join an event or coming to the official Niner Empire tailgate at every home game. For more information on any official Niner Empire events please email [email protected] or go to