Niner Empire I.E. East Valley Chapter will be hosting our first event this summer. The “Niner Empire I.E. Summer Que.” We look forward to representing 49ers Faithfuls in a top notch fashion this summer and would appreciate the support of ANY AND ALL NINER EMPIRE CHAPTERS that are in the area. This will be our first ever gathering as an official club, so the support of all Niner Empire Chapters that are close enough to participate in the event would be appreciated on a level beyond words. This dream works with team work, I look forward to shaking hands with faithfuls and talking 49ers football on July 11th. Hope to see you all there! #IEEastValleyChapter All event information is available on Facebook by searching “Niner Empire I.E. Summer Que” or by Contacting myself the President Samuel Betancourt at 559-303-5284. Event taking place in Hemet, Ca. ieeastvalleybanner