San Francisco 49er fans from the Inland Empire East Valley Chapter got together under the tutelage of President Samuel Betancourt and VP Penny Grapes are making huge waves in the Inland Empire. Great Job folks. Keep the 49er faith going…….


Words from the President Samuel B.

Thank you all for your support, GREAT TURNOUT!!!!! For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here is a brief of our meeting.

1. Introduction of myself and V.P. Penny Mapes
2. Introduction of our Charity Organizer, Melina Yazmin Villalobos
3. The mission of our Chapter, to congregate on Game Days, as well as engage in our community. Our common interest is obviously the 49ers, our goal as a Chapter is Community Service.
4. We took group photo’s compliments of Daniel Moreno
5. Raffled off 1 49ers Clock, 49ers License Plate, and 2 Chapter T-shirts.

I’m beyond grateful for the support we have from each other. Thank you all for taking time out of your day and coming together.The possibilities in front of us are endless. Stay Faithful fam, see you next time!!! #Ninerempire #49ers #49ersBoosterClub

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