As the Holidays approached Niner Empire Chapters from around the globe did everything possible to give back to their communities. (SEE BELOW FOR A FEW EXAMPLES)

On December 19, 2015 Chapters from the Bay Area drove 3.5 hours to Caruthers to assist those in need. . It is amazing how 20-30 people can make a difference for a whole community. The Caruthers Chapters is located approximately 30 miles from Fresno, Ca. The town struggles with many migrant workers who are unable to enjoy their Holidays. With that being said local Bay Area Chapters all came together to host toy drives during their viewing parties and monies collected from Candlestick Park memorabilia was used to purchase toys to help donate.

The folks from the Bay Area headed down to Caruthers early Saturday morning. Once they got there they were treated by the Caruther’s Chapter with a breakfast for all the sponsors that assisted in making a difference in the town of Caruthers. After the breakfast we headed house to house delivering gifts and watching the kids run to Santa with hugs and smiles. Words cannot express how grateful we all were to be part of this wonderful event.



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