As we release the last video of the 2015 Tailgate Season Tailgate word is already out that Coach Jim Tomsula has already been fired and Owner Jed York has promised that it won’t be long before we reach our goal of superiority.  The year has been a very busy one. With that said we have to thank all the folks that have made our tailgating a success from Candlestick Park to Levi Stadium. Our goal is and will continue to be give niner empire folks a home away from away. This year we were able to host folks from all over the world and give our NINER EMPIRE chapters a place where they feel like FAMILY… When we say FOOTBALL BROUGHT US TOGETHER NINER EMPIRE MADE US FAMILY we truly mean that from the heart. As our beloved 49ers did not live up to our expectation the Empire folks continued the tradition of being faithful. We are very thankful for over 115 authorized chapters that have spread the word of our Niner Empire. We don’t leech, or coattail, off anybody WE PUT IN WORK and have given our heart . soul, and passion to make Niner Empire the greatest fan base of the San Francisco 49ers.

Be ready for the 2nd Annual EMPIREE AWARDS, Bay Area Niner Empire BBQ, SUMMIT info and much more to come. Also please watch the one and only David “Heat’ Canales video EMPIRE with Pete Feliciano and edited by Nina Parks