imageI’m 39 my name is Shane McIntosh … Aka ShaneOmac49… I lived In the central california area for most of my life … I have a wife and 2 kids .. I’ve been a niners fan my whole life but a die hard faithful since 87 that’s when I got hooked on football and my niners … I recently moved to central oregon and there are a lot of displaced niners fans but a ton of Seahawks so it get intense lol.. Some of my favorite players are Lott rice Hearst justin smith gore andy lee ..
Favorite moments the 88 and 89 superbowls
Hearst 98 yard run
Davis’ catch
Owens catch
I’ve also applied to start my own chapter here in oregon to bring niners fans together in hostle territory ..
Also the Alex smith era was also one of my favorites .. I get Alex smith I hated how the team was ran .. But growing up being spoiled I got to prove how loyal I was .. I watched every single moment .. So 2010 is my favorite season of all time .. The rise of the empire was amazing ..