Wow where do I start, There is so much to be thankful and humble for after yesterdays festivities so here I go bare with me a lil longer lol. First off thanks to my Board and the better halves for coming together and working hard to accomplish this event Anthony Dominguez David Settle Gus Esmerio Adrienne Gillon Queenie Perez Ray Velasquez Hazel Aguinaldo Yvonne Bisuano-Dominguez Melissa Bosch Ismerio Ray Gillon thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Then thanks to those behind the scenes Donald Clark and Bobbie Clark Kenny Rea and Nicole Boswell Rea Patrick Brown and Desiree Lewis Tony Bahena Garcia and Tiffany Bahena Garcia Leonard Murano and Gloria Juarez Murano Fernando Gomez and Alma Gomez and if I left anyone one of our 909ers Faithfuls thank you as well.
Now to the main event himself Mr. Dennis T. Brown I personally want to give my thanks from all of us at the 909ers Faithfuls for all the support you had for us at our event and would hope to be able to do this all again with your help we were able to collect $2,300 for our Audrey Rose Walker Takeover Fund. Now my fellow Joe thank you for making the trip out here to see all of us in So Cal I hope it was all you could expect from us down here. Last but not least to all my chapter brothers and sisters chapter head‪#‎49erEmpireHighDesert‬ TJ Tee Smooth and Noah Yeoman‪#‎49ersForeverRedlands‬ Danny Gutierrez and Bobby Mendez ‪#‎951Faithfuls‬Samuel Betancourt and Melina Yazmin Villalobos ‪#‎IEChapter‬ Gabriel Arroyo and Tricia Cortez ‪#‎SGV49ers‬ Isaac De La Fuente and Jose Moller
‪#‎NorthVegasFaithfuls‬ Gaston Larsen and Susan Larsen ‪#‎EmpireTejas‬Naomi Herlinda Marquez and Isaac Pino ‪#‎LVNE‬ Blu Blu Tanori Villegas and Trisha Tabil ‪#‎SoCalGoldBlooded‬ Louie Gutierrez and Louie Gold-blooded Niner ‪#‎49ersLosAngelesClub‬ Seven Nvs
Please share our Thanks thru out your Board Member and Chapter Members for all their support and contributions toward our Audrey Rose Walker Takeover Fund. So Mr.Walker tell Audrey she has to get ready to meet everyone down here cause we will be making it happen for you 2 Thanks to Everyone here. So again thank you all its a very humbling experience to say the least nothing but in the end like i’ve said before with none of you none of this would be so again Thank you all and if I missed anyone i apoligizes for that but this goes out to you all as well.

Joe Del Rio
909er Faithfuls

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