Niner Empire is all about coming together as 1….There is not many things in todays society that bring people together as a family. How many of us go to a game or watch the game at a local chapter hangout or pub. When the 49ers score or make a stop on defense with a big hit we cheer, scream, high 5 as one. There is no I’m a better fan than you, I know more than you, there is a fan base that cheers for our beloved San Francisco 49ers. I go through facebook, and other social media sites and read such negative post about each other…Negative energy brings bad things out in people. NINER EMPIRE lets keep the positive energy with each other. It is always ok to agree with disagreeing. Some people take social media way to serious. Us here at www.ninerempire,com our here to bring folks together as evidenced by chapter and Niner Empire tailgates, parties, get togethers etcccc…….One Love to all and GO NINERS,,,, we have a big season ahead of us