On August 17th the unknown became reality. As 49er fans and avid tailgaters lined up to enter the Blue lot at Levi Stadium everyone waited in excitement. As the gates open the Empire rushed to their perspective tailgate spot to claim their tailgating experience territory. As we begin to setup the feeling was a little awkward because it was a change we never anticipated. As the Niner Empire touched down on the North East section of the Parking lot the chapters began to fill in the spots. Hayward, Thee Empire Faithful from Fresno. Long Beach from So. Cal, Bakersfield, Fairfield, 650 Peninsula, Nor Cal from Vallejo, Ladies of the Empire, etc… Definitely more than expected for a pre-season game but the Empire just could not wait. A few more games at the new location and we will be up and running and welcoming family from different parts of the country and world. If you would like to join the family please email us at [email protected].