JUST PUBLISHED! Now available for all San Francisco 49ers fans.  In “KEZAR STADIUM- 49ers Fans Remember “, author Martin Jacobs shares his, and the San Francisco 49ers’ fans favorite memories of his  beloved team at historic and iconic Kezar Stadium. Together you’ll relive the highs and lows from games played there, and become acquainted with some of the stadium’s all time greatest heroes and legends, including first-hand stories told by the 49ers fans, for the fans, in all it’s glory. The original, foggy, windy Kezar Stadium, was home to the 49ers from 1946 to 1970, and demolished in 1989, due to the Loma Prieta earthquake. In this book, you’ll  experience what it was like attending games at Kezar, while sitting in the Christopher Milk section. It will bring back memories of your youth, during the formative years of this celebrated stadium. There were the unruly, often outlandish, brawling fans, who were so passionate about their team, as told by the team owner’s, players and coaches, journalists, and stadium employees, who gave this franchise its foundation. And the “Silver Fox”, Buck Shaw, one of the game’s most innovative head coaches, who turned San Francisco into a major-league city is remembered.  A 49ers team that produced eight Hall of Fame legends during the stadium’s 24 year tenure- Bob St. Clair, Leo Nomellini, Jimmy Johnson, Y.A. Tittle, Joe Perry, Hugh McElhenny, and John Henry Johnson and Dave Wilcox are featured. There are chapters on the most memorable, and not so memorables, highly entertaining games played at Kezar, and one chapter devoted to the “All-Decades 49ers teams.” And the celebrated “Million Dollar Backfield” of Y.A. Tittle,Joe Perry, Hugh McElhenny, and John Henry Johnson, who all played at Kezar Stadium, are featured throughout the book. Also, the 49ers famous “alley-oop” pass play from quarterback Y.A. Tittle to R.C. Owens, and Howard “Red” Hickey’s shotgun offense, and John Brodie’s “almost-great’ 49ers teams of the 1960s. There are exclusive ‘snapshot’  photos of Kezar and the players and fans, many never published before, that have great historical significance to the franchise. So, if you are a 49ers fan that witnessed a game at Kezar, or heard about Kezar on the radio, or read about the stadium in the newspapers, then this book is a must read for you.  KEZAR STADIUM- 49ers’ Fans Remember  is a delightful journey back in time when the Golden Age of Pro Football was more about players and games, epitomized by a franchise that never won a championship during that era, but produced a multitude of heroes during that era. The book is written by the only man who lived it, worked at Kezar, and who has been a life-long 49ers fan for 67 years. 246 pages with 60 nostalgic photos of Kezar.  Add this keepsake 49ers book to your library today. The softbound book is 6″ x 9″, 247 pages, 60 pages of photos. A wonderful Holiday gift for dad. Available on Amazon.com, Ebay, or directly from the author at [email protected].