Niner Empire


January 24th 1982 My life as a Niner Faithfull began. I was an 8 year old boy from Ohio about to sit down with my Dad and My first football game ever, Our San Francisco 49ers vs the Cincinnati Bengals. As soon as I saw those red and gold colors “which were my favorite and still are” I knew who I would be rooting for. After the win I was hooked on the sport of football and the 49ers. By the time I was in High School all I really had to wear was Levi’s and 49ers gear, my room was filled with anything 49ers I could get my hands on, it was hard to find things back then living in Ohio and the internet not being invented yet, but I did pretty good. My collecting slowed in the mid 90’s-2000’s, Me and My wife Amy had our first Daughter, Super Bowl Baby Ashley. “she was born our last Super Bowl Year”. Just starting out and having a family in addition to the 49ers going through some rough seasons the collectibles were just not out there, But We remained faithful and raised our daughter Ashley a Niners fan from birth. In 2001 We had our second Daughter Emily, We are now a force of 4 and have been able to enjoy this latest resurgence as a family, its really exciting because unlike me, they were not around to live Our glory years of the past but are now, it was nice when I was younger being a Niner Fan and celebrating with friends but it is special when you do it as a family. Being in Ohio I have only been able to attend a few away games through the years but we don’t miss a game on T.V. I really regret not being able to see a game at Candlestick Park, but I will see some at Levis Stadium! Somewhere our Family’s brick is on the Fan Walk and cant wait to see it. Before I ordered our Family Fan Walk Brick I made My Wife and Daughters take a blood oath to never root for another team, I don’t question their faithfulness but you never know when My Daughters get married who their husbands may like, and try to sway them to root for, I know my Girls would never break a blood oath of their father. Two years ago We turned our basement into a Niner Cave, it is complete but a work in progress as far as memorabilia and decorations , I have a lot of space and add things as I find them, I don’t just put anything in the Niner Cave, it has be special or cool to make it, It is a place we have built to show or passion for the 49ers. I have one long unfinished wall to do something special with but I have not figured it out yet. The Niner Cave has been awesome to watch games and hang out it, We have had good times and bad in there the last two years but to do it as a family is the best. My journey started as a solo Niner fan with a small bedroom with posters and stuff, a few great friends who share my same passion for the Niners, to My very own family of flesh and blood to carry it on long after Me. And now I am proud to say I have an extended family being part of the Niner Empire after starting my own Chapter here in Ohio.