The Seattle SeahawksSan Francisco 49ers rivalry is one of the best on the field, and it also might have vaulted to the top in terms of fan rivalries.

The always-creative Seahawks fans recently decided to raise money to purchase a brick in the “Fanwalk” at the future Levi’s Stadium, the 49ers‘ soon-to-be home in Santa Clara, Calif.

The covert maneuver started Wednesday as a strand on a Seahawks fan subreddit on the social news website Reddit, per The brick, if purchased, would be placed among the expected thousands at the new plaza outside the 49ers‘ stadium. The bricks range between $195 and $545 depending on size and location. As of Thursday morning, the group had collected more than $400.

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The Levi’s Stadium Foundation reserves the right to reject any text, so the surreptitious purchase most likely will have to be more incognito than the “Go Hawks” phrase suggested by many fans.

Other proposals include:

» Great Ones Have Achieved Wisdom Knowing Success — First letter of each word spells “Go Hawks.”

» BALTY — An acronym of “better at life than you,” which spawned after Seahawks cornerbackRichard Sherman‘s memorable offseason interview with ESPN.

» What’s your deal? — Question posed by then-USC coach Pete Carroll to then-Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh when they squared off at the college level.

» 12>49 — Self-explanatory. The 12th Man is greater than the 49ers.

We’ll collect any other suggestions for the group in the comment section below.

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