Niner fans from around the globe understand the concept of Niner Empire. Niner Empire’s concept of bringing faithful from around the globe is instilled as fans become faithful and faithful become Niner Empire. Since 2005 chapters have come and gone but Niner Empire stays strong. This is because FOOTBALL BROUGHT US TOGETHER AND NINER EMPIRE MADE US FAMILY. It’s not a competition it’s our love for the 49ers that bring people together. As years pass by different regions of the United States continue to show their support for our beloved 49ers. With that being said I’m proud to announce yet another chapter out of Texas. The Southeast Niner Empire Texas Chapter.

Eddie Sanchez met some wonderful people in Texas and wanted to show his support by once again rebuilding the city of Beaumont, Texas and bringing all together.

President : Eddie Sanchez

[email protected]

Vice President : Kevin Sherrill

They will come together at Buffalo Wild Wings in Beaumont.4235 Dowlen Rd Beaumont Texas 77706

If you are wondering where other niner chapters are please go to our chapters page and type in zip code and that will give you the closes one nearby.