Well..there’s not much to say. Growing up in Long Beach, Ca. I would naturally be a cali team fan…and the raiders was not even an option. My dad was never really around so my weekends, as far as I can remember, were spent at my childhood friend’s house, who’s father was a huge SF fan, so I watched. The more I watched, the more I grew to live the Niners. I grew up in the Montana era, so of course, they are sweet memories. I got my tattoo at the age of 17, it was 1993. It is, by far, my most beloved tattoo. I’ve never really had an urge to touch it up cuz I wanted people to see how long I’ve had it, and the way it looked, it was very old. Now that the Stick is going to be gone, I felt like I finally had to touch it up….not cuz we will no longer be playing there….but because it will always be home. The players, the records, the fans, the history. ..can never be matched. And of course…the fact that, throughout my childhood, and my adult life, I have never had the opportunity to attend a game in person. Wether it was fincancial, family, or personal reasons, my dream of visiting the Stick was never achieved. But that doesnt mean I’m less of a fan. I’ve been there….every game, every snap, every second of the game…in my heart. My heart Is full of joyful memories, and bittersweet ones as well…but the stick is my home…the stick is where my heart will forever remain. WIN, LOSE, OR TIE….NINERS TIL I DIE!!!!Giovanni Lopez tat