Blaine Gabbert will be the starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers against the Seattle Seahawks the team announced on Monday. Coach Tomasula at the news conference for the team did not disclose right then and there if the team was going to keep Gabbert on as the starter for the next game. He stated that he wanted to discuss it with the team and then make a decision.

On Tuesday Tomasula made a radio appearance at the KNBR studios where he stated that Gabbert, “did a nice job out there.” He went on to say that after evaluating the video footage from the Atlanta Falcons game that the opportunity Gabbert had he did very well with. But this does not make Blaine Gabbert the permanent quarterback for the team right now. Coach Tomasula wants to take this by a weekly basis to evaluate the situation. The next game Gabbert will play as the starting quarterback will be against the Seattle Seahawks on November 22nd at Century Link Field in Seattle, WA.

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