FAQ/History of the Niner Empire

History of the Niner Empire

The Niner Empire has always been around, but in 2005 the concept of having a Niner Empire chapter and faithful representation in each city, state, and country was pushed via social networking and tailgates by Joe Leonor. Over the years, many people have assisted in the crusade to get the Niner Empire to worldwide status. People loved the concept of bringing Niner Fans together under one umbrella and so a recruitment of boosters, clubs, events, and passing out flyers at the home games came about. In early 2005, the pledge (I PLEDGE MY FAITHFULNESS TO THE NINERS AND THEIR HALL OF FAMERS FOR WHICH THEY STAND , ONE  NATION UNDER AN EMPIRE INVINCIBLE WITH 5 RINGS AND DOMINATION OVERALL) was introduced to the Niner Empire and people grasped the idea of becoming the greatest 49ers fan base of all time.

In 2006, Joe Leonor met with a partner and introduced the concept of wanting a website. At the time, www.ninerempire.com was not available so the words theninerempire were used for a website instead. Joe Leonor reached out to a few chapters and requested that they become a Niner Empire chapter to represent Niner fans in their area. As the years went by chapters began to grow and so did technology. Due to the popularity of Niner Empire tailgates, events, and the zeal of the fans, the Niner Empire began to make its moves through blood, sweat, and tears. The domain www.NINEREMPIRE.com was purchased and now chapters and Niner fans are able to voice and express their opinions about 49ers football. The goal of the Empire is to represent all Niner fans across the globe and let others know that we have fans throughout the world. With that being said, the logo of a globe and Niner Empire around it was introduced,

Niner Empire has been showcased on the 2011 49ers Schedule magnet, billboards on Freeway 101 in South San Francisco and San Jose area, on many TV shows and newscasts all over the United States, in magazines, etc. Currently, we have chapters stretching across the United States and other countries as well as 49ers radio as a staple on the site. This is hosted by THE CHAMP & CLUBBER LANG. THE CHAMP was a finalist in the 95.7 radio contest in 2012.

What is a chapter and how do I start one in my area?

A chapter is for all San Francisco 49ers fans to come together. For instance, if I travel to Washington DC I can look on www.ninerempire.com and see your chapter. I can then contact you so I can watch games with other Niner fans. Many chapters have also given back to their communities and charities as well.

We would love to have you on board. The goal is to get representation in every city, state and country. THERE ARE NO FEES, JUST SPORTSMANSHIP. We welcome all San Francisco 49ers fans to show our love for the Niners and the passion for the franchise that brings people together.

Criteria for starting a chapter

This list includes all of the necessary pieces to start a Niner Empire chapter in your area.

  • President
  • Vice President (Additional Committee positions are left to the discretion of the chapter)
  • Chapter Email
  • Phone Number
  • Logo (Can be custom or the default logo of the Niner Empire Chapters)
  • Establishment/Venue (Must be able to accommodate all chapter members during games)
  • Social Network Page/Website
  • Represent the Niner Empire. (Posting events, pictures, etc. in chapter forums on www.ninerempire.com)
  • Support your other chapters! Share info related to events in your area. Work with other chapters to gather as many Niners fans together as possible.

Chapter Presidents will receive the following to help facilitate organization and growth of their area’s chapter:

  • President will get passwords for www.ninerempire.com to post events, pics, etc. (Must remain active to maintain position as President)
  • President will get discounts on all 49ers products for their chapter at the online store and/or in person to assist with fundraisers/community events
  • Tailgating specials – Chapter presidents and their members will receive a huge discount at the annual Niner Empire All U Can Eat Tailgate
  • Chapter Presidents will receive an official President’s patch and certificate
  • Chapter Presidents will be added to a Niner Empire President’s only forum to exchange ideas and communicate with other chapter Presidents

Be sure to keep all posts and social networking family friendly. Remember, you are representing the Niner Empire and the greatest fanbase of all time! If you want to make custom clothing for your Niner Empire chapter, be sure to use the whole chapter name. DO NOT use Niner Empire as its own entity. (This is for legal protection purposes.)

Niner Empire Tailgates

Every year the the Niner Empire offers a tailgate for fans from throughout the globe to come and enjoy. It is a home away from home. You can check out our past videos on the video section of www.ninerempire.com. For more information, please email [email protected] to inquire about our tailgates. We have hosted people from across the country and around the globe at our tailgate and we definitely have a family atmosphere. All fans are welcome.