When it comes to dependability, there are very few running backs in the NFL who are as talented as Frank Gore. He has been a very special contributor for the San Francisco 49ers throughout his career, and he will enter 2014 looking to be productive yet again. However, at 31 years of age, he is practically ancient by NFL running back standards. So for San Francisco and fantasy football fans, what should be expected out of him in 2014?

Gore has played with a pretty big chip on his should ever since being passed up by numerous teams in the 2005 draft. He has found a very dependable home in the Bay Area, and he insists that he is still as strong as ever. The one thing that seems to be missing for him is of course a Super Bowl, but San Francisco will be right in the thick of things this year.

Those in fantasy football are a little hesitant that Gore will be as dominant as he has been in the past. For starters, he does run a bigger risk of getting injured with all the wear and tear on his body. Not only that, but rookie Carlos Hyde will be coming into the season hungry for some playing time. San Francisco might decide to split some of the touches up, therefore reducing Gore’s chances of success.

As far as running backs are concerned, Gore is still a top 20 option in fantasy football. He is even more valuable to San Francisco, because he will be counted on to be the dependable running back when they really need a 1st down, a touchdown or just a big play. His window of opportunity is closing, but he is still capable of having some solid performances.


article written by: Jamie Sacco