Niner Empire held its first annual awards show at the TVEPN studios in Pittsburg California. This years awards were hosted by The Champ and Clubber Lang from Niner Empire radio and the Lovely Lady Sage from the Slam Show. Presidents and Vice Presidents of each chapter were given the opportunity to vote for each category other than their own.  Each regional award was based on their activity  during takeovers, social networking, weekly viewing parties, communication with other chapter presidents, etc….. Please congratulate the winners and we can only hope for bigger and better things next year for the awards and for our beloved San Francisco 49ers.


Volunteer Award –

Liz Fields

Charlene Keilough


Sponsor of the Year

Aidell Sausage


Takeover of the Year

Dallas Takeover – Amber Williams


East Region Chapter of the year:

NC TRIAD Niner Empire


West Region

Thee Empire Faithful


North Region

Nienr Faithfuls of Toledo Ohio


Rookie of the Year

Niner Faithfuls of Toledo


South Region

Memphis, TN


Bay Area Chapter of the Year

Richmond , Ca


Artist of the Year

Heat, Cuddie Cut , Jose Santana


Niner Empire Radio

Clubber Lang and The Champ