This is a t13707541_973369122775855_983602125031357534_nhing of beauty, chapters united and sharing hospitality with one another from different states!!! We are just a small city in the great state of Texas with a chapter full of devoted members who share the same love for the 49ers as any local California club I would like to thank all the chapters that have received our members as one of their own and taken care of them at one point in time since we’ve been established in 2009. From Burque Nm, AZ, Los Angeles, 951 chapter, 909ers, Saloon Squad, Denver, North Vegas, 415 empire, SGV, NINER core , I.E., TEF, San Antone, CcNE, Austin Empire and many more my hat goes off to you brothers and sisters Thank you from our family in El Paso Tx , Empire Tejas 915!


Chapter President: Junior Esparza