On October 2, 2016 Niner Empire hosted the biggest home tailgate in its history.


CHAPTERS: 50 PLUS represented

600 plus.

DJ JUICE & DJ MOE and  Dave Canal formerly known as HEAT and Folks from all over the globe were present at the official Niner Empire tailgate held over at Blue Lot 1. Niner Empire attempts to bring folks from all over the world together and on October 2nd that feat was accomplished. NINER EMPIRE takes pride in hosting events and giving faithful a home away from home, but most importantly bringing people together to enjoy the game of football. With all the negativity on news channels, social media, etc… Niner Empire was able to bring folks from all walks of live together for the tailgate. One wonders why media harps on negativity but yet to harp on the positive vibes everybody felt at the official Niner Empire Tailgate in Blue Lot 1 and seeing the playful bantering going back and forth against cowboy fans.  The menu consisted of BBQ Trip Tip and Chicken sandwiches, mac and cheese, baked beans, nachos, hot dogs, and LIQUOR along with famous shot stick.

At the same time the tailgate was going on Super Bowl Champions John Taylor, Charles Haley, Eric Wright, Dwight Clark and Everson Walsh took time to sign autographs and take pics. Although the game ended in favor of the Dallas Cowboys the memories, friendships, and bonding amongst fans will me a memorable one.

There are so many folks to thank for making everybody welcome by assisting Niner Empire in their tailgate and for that THANK YOU. #NOLEECHING #PUTINWORK #NOTJUSTASITE #NINEREMPIRE #FAMILY