Collage Maker 3

Making a collage, for special occasions, celebrations and anniversaries is a great idea, and among other programs such as Collage Maker is very simple.

In fact, the Auto-Collage Maker Collage makes it difficult simple – all you have to do is add a collage of photos you want, select effects, and press the Create button. Before you know it, you can edit it as a nice collage duzugehiago – if you want – and then export, e-mail, set as wallpaperor printed.

This is not your Collage MakerMożna customize the way of creating is not the end – photos, you can change the background colors, add text or a wide range of fun stamps. and will be able to predict the end of collage, of course, is not a good help file in case you get stuck.

Unfortunately, some of the basic features Collage Maker and a bit tacky. Many of the templates that are downright ugly, and the interface is outdated. Improvements to be one of the most important eventsThis version mode CollageStamp Makerale this feature is not very user-friendly.

However, Collage Maker is a good starter collage creator – is easy to use, and the effects transform your photo has a number of templates that let you instantly.

collageMaker good, the house is an easy way to make collages.


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