I_facebook_1574500932Chris's Tat I grew up as a niner fan in AZ. My mother was raised in Cali. She is a huge fan of the niners. I moved out to illinois and no I am surrounded by bears fans! I knew I had to rep my team to the fullest! I am die hard and will be until I (Red and Gold till I’m Dead and Cold) take my last breathe….I wanted to show the world and all these damn bears fans that I am a proud soldier in the NINER EMPIRE! I got my tattoo at mojo studio’s here in peoria….tattoo was done by Dan…planning on adding to it …..I’ve had it for about 8 years now….I also have to  prove no matter how bad our record was i would be there every step of the way because thats what REAL Niner fans should do…NINER EMPIRE FOR LIFE!!!


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