Well, the niners came up on the short end of the stick AGAIN. On the bright side we saw a little glimpse of Jimmy Garapolo. Recently comments were made that the crowd, what was left of it at the end of the 4th quarter were cheering when CJ Beathard was injured.This is absolute non sense, the true faithful fans who were left at the end of the game saw Jimmy G warming up and were cheering that they are now getting the opportunity to see the backup of Tom Brady. Cj is a rookie and hopefully has a promising career in the future with the niners and plays his butt off. For that he is respected by the fans.

As for the tailgate rain, wind, sun, snow , whatever the weather maybe will not persuade the niner empire from hosting an amazing tailgate. Dj Juice and Dj Moe were their usual selves on the turntables and mic. Faithful at the tailgate had the opportunity to hear special guest President from Addison Point, Texas DJ RC (Ray Clark) get on the tables and represent that dirty south. We also celebrated everybody’s favorite sommmmabitch Katina’s birthday along with Tony B, and Elmer Urias. Most importantly a Niner Empire ring was up for grabs for the best #KATINACHALLENGE.


Chapters from around the globe were well represented once again. It’s amazing to see even though the 49ers are 1-10 the Niner Empire tailgates continue to be the place to go. It’s all about family and having fun. It was great to see some of the folks come back all together from the Candlestick days to celebrate Katina’s Gold Jacket Party…….Coming soon the H-TOWN TAKEOVER.

In order to understand the Katina Challenge please watch C’mon man video!!!!!! then scroll and watch tailgate video