49er faithful throughout the summer and all over the globe got together for BBQ’s, charity fundraisers, and parties. This past weekend the 916 Sactown BBQ hosted the Nor – Cal BBQ. Chapters from throughout the Bay Area, Central California, Nevada, and Southern California all came together as one. Throughout the day the kids enjoyed a jumpy house, pinatas, and many other games as faithful danced, exchanged chapter shirts / towels and took turns on the famous Niner Empire shot stick.

As the saying goes: FOOTBALL BROUGHT US TOGETHER NINER EMPIRE MADE US FAMILY. That is a true statement after seeing so many people come together as a family and enjoying each others company.

We were also blessed to have Super Bowl Champion Dennis Brown signing autographs, taking pictures, and giving the faithful a hope for the near future with the new 49er regime.

Niner Empire was built to bring folks together from all different walks of life to root on the 49ers. Niner Empire has been able to do that. Please look out for all the Empire invasions of other cities as the season progresses. It is a true fact Win, Lose, OR Draw the might Niner Empire continues to grow. For more information you may contact through email [email protected]. As the Empire grows we continue to grow for one reason the love of our San Francisco 49ers  and the main concept of NINER EMPIRE. BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER..