Bakersfield Niner Empire

This past weekend while the Niners went to Carolina to play the Panthers Mr. and Mrs. Jose Santana were invited to visit the Bakersfield Chapter. I went along for the ride. On the 5 hour drive down there was alot of cows and fields. When we got there Saturday night we had the pleasure of meeting the Bakersfield Niner Empire Chapter board members. We met at the Firehouse where the chapter meets every Sunday if they are not making the trip to the Stick.

Sunday morning came with much anticipation and excitement. As the 150 plus niner empire gathered and cheered Let’s Go Niners the place erupted with every score for the Niners. During halftime the crowd was able to watch Jose Santana perform.

Also throughout the game raffles were given away. Autographed Eric Wright 4x Super Bowl Champion jersey and Navarro Bowman jerseys were the top prizes. After watching the niners advance to the Championship game the empire erupted once again.

This was a true example of what the Niner Empire is all about a 10 hour drive round trip to be with our extended family. Thank you to the Bakersfield Chapter board members and the rest of the Bakersfield Niner Empire for making a home away from.