Paulina Castro:

Joel Nunez is a personal friend of mine and Joe was a member of my chapter at the time I was President of the Porterville Chapter. He is the father of a little boy and named him NaVrro. During the course of the interview I had to ask him why he chose Navorro, and most importantly how the baby’s health is doing. This is what Joel had to say about his son baby NaVorro.


“NaVorro Noah Nuñez”….Bowman’s been growing as a player and a man these last few years and I’ve really come to respect him and what he’s done so far…. He’s really humble , works hard and gives it all he has…. I first thought he was the truth in 2012 in the NFC Championship game against Atlanta Falcons in Atlanta where there was only a few minutes left in that game , we were losing the game then the Niners came back.
Falcons had the ball and were driving down the field to try to win the game and we stopped them at about the red zone 20 yard line and we held them. If I can remember correctly it was 4th and 11 and the Falcons QB tried to hit his TE Tony Gonzalez and Bowman came out of nowhere and batted the ball down and sent the Niners to their first Super Bowl In 19 years…. These events happened way before baby NaVorro was conceived .In 2013, baby NaVorro’s mom was now in the picture and we were together for a while and found later we found out she was pregnant.
We were both really excited and happy but had no idea what we would name the baby…. So as time went on and the football season went on, I started inviting her to go with me to Niner games at Candlestick Park and she really liked them. When we found out he was going to be a boy for sure and still didn’t have a name yet, I can recall thinking that NaVorro was a nice solid name. We ended up going to the last Candlestick Park Game and guess who they were playing again? We all know what that game is known as and what happened. “Pick At The Stick”…. At that moment Candlestick went crazy and I knew that was going to be his be his name!! “NaVorro”- a few more reasons I wanted it to be his name was cause of the special ESPN did on NaVorro Bowman about how he was adopted and never got to meet his real dad and he still went to meet his real dad’s family but still also never forgot what his adopted parents did for him and the opportunities they allowed him to have and gave him a better life. And the last reason is, during the 2013 NFC Championship game against Seattle , he stripped the ball from the Seahawks WR, got the fumble, and sacrificed his body by breaking his leg for the love of the game…. And even though we lost the game he showed so much heart still lying there with his leg in the position it was in. About a month and a half after the NFC championship game Baby NaVorro Noah Nuñez was born on March 13, 2014…Baby NaVorro was born a premature due to high blood pressure Dr’s said he was normal and everything. A few days later after released from the hospital we noticed his breathing wasn’t normal.and We took him to get a check up and they said he was alright and it was normal , It was later determined that he had pneumonia! After several scary and anxious moments and a trip Children’s Hopsital to it was found that he will be ok and he will live a happy niner life and be given the opportunity to visit Levi’s Stadium.

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